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Why is Happiness Necessary at Work?

While writing this piece I tried hard to define the term happiness, I googled but the result baffled me more. The definition and cause of “Happiness” ranged from “virtue” to “growth” to “want” to “satisfaction” (and similar other jargons). But at the end of it I realized that the cause may vary from person to person, situation to situation but it (happiness) is only real when it is shared.

Designing a Strategic Website

While most people think that a website is just like what it is, a website, in reality, should mark a change in the way your company does business. That’s why when you’re exploring the potential of your Internet presence; you actually should be developing a unified theory to hit all of your company’s targets.

The toothbrush shock - Are you next?

We brush our teeth for sure

We all brush our teeth and of course we use our own toothbrush. Just imagine one day one of your family members throws his/her toothbrush and 3 other family members including you shout “Where is my toothbrush?”

How will you feel the toothbrush shock

How will you feel if you have been sharing the same toothbrush with 3 others for last few months? YUK! Shocked!, Just think about 3 of you were using the same toothbrush, is it happening to you? Are you sure?

Era of Execution is here - Where are execution specialists?

Era Of Execution Is Here - Where Are Execution Specialists?

As an individual I can be the best but with a 10 member team it is a different game and with a 60 member team it is a totally different game as you don’t get to meet most of them who really execute. Now imagine a company with 200, 2000 and few hundred thousands. How do you make everyone execute better?