Boost Your Website Potential In 2023: Insights From The Best Website Design Company In Kolkata

Boost Your Website Potential In 2023: Insights From The Best Website Design Company In Kolkata

Competition in the digital era is getting intense, therefore enhancing your website performance is the key to online success. Every effort should be made to make your website stand out from the competition or else you could lose your place in the search engine rankings.

Your website represents your brand, People visit your website to get information about your products & services, reviews, testimonials, contact information, upcoming product-related information etc. Therefore, if it underperforms you could lose your position to your competitors. 

As a leading website design and development company in Kolkata, our aim through this blog is to share expert advice and tips to turbocharge your website’s capabilities.


What is Website Performance?

Website Performance means how quickly your website page loads and displays all essential elements. This is a very important part of User Experience and is pivotal for online success. A well-managed website attracts user attention and acts as a central pillar in enhancing your online presence. You can consult one of the best website design companies in Kolkata, for a roadmap to improve your website performance so that you can provide your online visitors with a powerful user experience.


Here are the tips to improve your website performance:


  1. Reduce Page Load Time:

If your website pages are taking more than three seconds to load then online visitors will start preferring your competitor’s website. If you don’t want to lose your visitors then it is advisable to cut down the page load time.


  1. Enabling Web Caching:

As soon as a user clicks on your website, their browser starts to download images and HTML files. Now, as the page loads, all the downloaded files get stored in a temporary storage known as the “cache”, so that the next time the same visitor tries to visit your website, the webpages will load quickly.


  1. Compressing big files:

Heavy webpages with lots of content such as images, videos and infographics take a lot of time to load. Therefore, to solve this problem File Compression is an effective solution to reduce the load time. Compressed web servers are designed to reduce the size of the files and transfer them to the browser.


  1. Remove unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS and JS files

When you create a website with the help of a No-Code platform your website could load slowly because of extra spaces or line breaks. By minifying HTML, CSS and JS files you can improve your website’s loading time. This process should be carried out with much precision, as you need to remove unnecessary characters from the code without hampering its functionality. Therefore, You can opt for expert assistance by connecting with a top-notch website design and development company in Kolkata.


  1. Image Optimization:

The image size affects your website performance as large-size images take time to load and make your web page weighty. By image optimization, you are able to decrease the load time and improve user experience. 

Here are some quick methods for image optimization:

  • Choose the right file format as per your need for example: there are three popular image formats i.e., GIF, PNG and JPEG. JPEG is most suitable for web images, PNG is preferred for images with sharp edges and GIF is best for animated images.
  • Resize images to be correctly displayed on your website.
  • You can reduce the file size by image compression tools available on the web.


  1. Managing Inline CSS and External CSS

It is advisable to use only one CSS style sheet on your website. Alternatively, you can split your CSS into two parts: an inline CSS section visible to the visitor without scrolling and an external CSS section that can be loaded later. With this approach, your inline CSS section will load faster.


  1. Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A website may load slower because of the distance between the user’s HTTP request and the server. The content Delivery Network system uses a set of servers distributed worldwide to deliver cached website copies from the nearest location, ensuring faster and more seamless website performance.


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