Looking for leading PPC agencies in Kolkata? Explore our services - we provide multiple areas of expertise to make your PPC campaign a success. To supervise a PPC campaign effectively proper understanding of the primary PPC elements such as keyword research, bid management, ad copy creation, and data analytics is required. Our Pay-per-click marketing services contain the prowess and proficiency that can generate high-quality results for your website. And at TechShu our team is devoted to offering specially customized PPC campaigns that can deliver results.

PPC is not about making the basic setup and running ads. The real story lies behind the thought process, brainstorming, and logical thinking. If you are not good at them, no matter how good the keyword analysis is, and no matter how much effort you put into optimizing the account, if the basics are not proper, you will hardly get any return. We are one of the leading PPC agencies in Kolkata. As far as the experience is concerned, apart from our 17 years of experience in the core PPC field, we are Google certified partner, a Facebook partner, and also among the top 3 Bing accredited companies in the world. We have worked with Giants, we have worked with agencies, we have worked with nonprofit organizations, we have worked with US, UK, Australian, Canadian, and European clients as well as Indian clients.

We have explored almost all possible corners of PPC and when we say that, Pay-per-click marketing services are not about Adwords only, PPC also has Bing, Facebook, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter and we are experts in all of them.

Why are we different?

We practice a proven methodology to reduce CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) with the aim of increasing ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients.

Reduce CPA for increasing ROI

Our PPC Services in India

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    Achieve Optimal Results with our Proven PPC Management Solutions in India

    We invest time to understand what your business requires and we model distinctive strategies that resonate with your PPC campaign objectives. As an AdWords management organization, we make our move with a fresh perspective.

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    Comprehensive Pay Per Click campaign management in India

    As Google AdWords experts, we specialize in delivering effective strategies which include Google search and display advertising, remarketing campaigns, and an array of additional services to make your PPC campaign successful.

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    Google Shopping Ads

    Multiply the sales by displaying your products and pricing directly on Google's search results with this powerful advertising format

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    Effective Marketplace Advertising

    We help businesses to promote their products on various popular digital storefronts and empower them to thrive their sales online

  • 05

    Targeted Profile Advertising

    Leverage the power of niche profile targeting. We can create highly relevant and engaging messaging and ads for specific individuals based on their online behavior which helps brands to optimize their marketing efforts.

  • 06

    Web Page Design, Development & Optimization in India

    We just don’t create a website, we create a website that sells and drive more conversions from your paid campaigns.

  • 07

    A/B Testing

    We perform A/B Testing and multivariate testing for your ads and landing pages and identify the best performing one thus maximizing your returns

  • 08

    Conversion Rate Optimization in India

    Acquiring traffic through Google AdWords, PPC Marketing services and social media ads is half of the battle only. We use proven principles from web design, psychology and neuromarketing to test and improve the conversion rates of your website traffic.

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    One on One Consultations

    Get in-depth insights into your PPC campaigns and get expert advice to optimize your campaign performance regularly.

Benefits of Working With TechShu

We are a Google and Facebook partner-certified agency. We are also among the top 3 Bing accredited companies in the world. Only a handful of pay-per-click advertising companies have earned Premier Partner Status. We’re proud to be part of that revered group. We've helped over 515+ companies around the globe increase the profitability of their online advertising campaigns.

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Tool and technologies we use

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