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Digital Marketing Training and Consultation Services - Techshu

We been around for last 10 years in the field of Digital Marketing. We have seen it transform from its initial phase wherein “SEO was synonymous to Digital Marketing” to the era of “multiple Digital Marketing Channels” and each having its unique proposition and depends on the right mix of various channels.We have headed many digital marketing companies before starting Techshu. Digital marketing is passion for us.   Right Mix can help you gain the best from Digital Marketing.


Interested in Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Training at Kolkata and other cities?

We have segregated the courses for 3 different groups as mentioned below.


For Corporates: More and more corporates from various industries have started implementing Digital Marketing for their business. Given the exponential growth in number of internet users in India and the ability to target your best possible target market through the various digital marketing channels, most corporates have started taking help from professional agencies. But the knowledge gap is posing a problem for these corporates to track the works of the agencies. Founders of startup companies and other corporates are also eager to understand, which digital marketing channel would be the best to focus on for their service/ product and accordingly coordinate with Digital Marketing Agencies. This training is designed specifically for corporates to get a complete insight of Digital Marketing in relation to their specific product or service.


For Pros: With the ever changing algorithm of search engines, it has become very important for professionals in this field, who were more focussed on SEO, to shift from this corner and look at the broader picture of Digital Marketing for their career growth. We have set up a very elaborate and illustrative training for such professionals with as many as 19 Sessions.

For Students : The demand for market ready Digital Marketeers with marketing background is very high at present. The Marketing students also get an opportunity here to create a niche for themselves! ( A niche which in top demand). This is a classroom  training, to be held mostly at various B- Schools to update the students on the digital marketing front and give them elaborate knowledge on each digital marketing channel.