Content marketing is an essential tool for businesses to make people aware of the products and services they are offering and gain attention from online visitors. If you are looking for content marketing services then you need to choose the right content marketing agency which can create powerful and engaging content to make your brand look separate from others. These days everyone is creating content but industry expertise and domain knowledge are the crucial aspects in which we have expertise. And we have earned this by working with 20+ industries across the globe.

A large amount of content is available on the web, and every business wants its brand to be visible and popular. In this scenario, it's very essential to choose or design a content strategy which resonates with the target audience.

What’s our Approach? We offer unique SEO content marketing services to our clients, By listening carefully to their doubts and requirements. Proper content strategy services can only be offered by knowing the nature of the business and the expectations of the customers. Every business offers different challenges and requires a unique kind of set and skills to design content and promote its brand. We make sure that we have the proper ammunition for our clients to make them happy by achieving the desired results which they want.

As a content strategy company, we are devoted to offer top-notch content marketing services to our clients. We are experts in crafting customized digital marketing content to suit your business requirements and objectives.

How do we deliver our content marketing solutions in India?



A deep understanding of your target audiences such as their likes & dislikes and preferences allows a content marketing agency to construct tailored content for the clients. We at TechShu utilise various mediums such as audience research, competitor analysis, keyword research and content performance analysis to deliver compact content marketing solutions to our clients.


Market Analysis

It is important to scan your competitors to find out what content strategy is giving results for them. This competitive analysis can lead us to design perfect content which resonates with the current trends of the market.


Drafting Content Timeline

We create content calendars for our clients by amalgamating certain factors such as target audience, business objectives, industry trends & seasonality, competitor analysis, and Metrics and KPIs to guarantee that your content is prompt, related, productive and powerful.


Formulating An ROI Strategy

Every business looks for a smart content strategy which can provide conversions. We design content after doing heavy research on the product and its market so that we devise a content plan that gets liked by the audience and motivates them to take the next step.

Content categories we specialize in as the top content marketing agency in India

As one of the best content marketing agency in Kolkata, we understand that in today’s competitive market scenario, it is not enough to have an excellent product or service. You need to concentrate on writing SEO-enriched content which can not only increase brand visibility but also helps you get search engine rankings. We are experts in creating engaging and trending content to draw in more and more audiences and make your business reach the next level.


Technical blog content


Newsletters and emailers


Ad copywriting


Website content


SEO-friendly blogs


Press releases




Social media content

Tool and technologies we use

Allow our expertise to support you in articulating your brand’s story with a potent content marketing scheme.

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