Google Places Optimization Services

(It costs Approx $500, it will help you get started with Google Local Listing, 2 keywords ranking, 100% risk free. It is a part of profit block building). Click here for more details about Local Marketing. You can directly contact us and our team will guide you on phone/email)

Till Recent, Marketing was only done by large companies

Till recent, marketing for Small and Medium sized business were limited to Yellow pages and some local ads. With the growth of the internet there are many SUCCESSFUL marketing avenues available. Local Internet marketing is very effective for many businesses, you need to find the right marketing mix for your business to make it successful on web. Google Local Marketing is very effective as the competition is still low compare to the Google web results. With the growth of mobile users and mobile usage for finding local vendors, Google Local has become a must for all. Most of the devices, be it android, apple or others, use Google maps for navigation. Google local marketing targets the Local Listing and Map listing on Google. Please visit our deliverables page for more details.

Google Local Ranking with 98% success rate – Best for Local Companies

Last year our team for local businesses decided to take a different path for Local Ranking. They decided to cut the cost of local SEO and Local marketing significantly so that more and more businesses can use us to get started on web. What they decided was:
  • Build the profit block by getting the listing done on Google Local and some major directories which will create ROI for our clients .
  • Get the ranking done for 2 to 8 keywords. (The first rankings are always difficult as it takes time to establish the base)
  • Maintain the listing and take it to a level where the client can manage.
  • Educate the client to use Local listing for the benefit of the business.

We are ready to take the risk with you – 100% money back

With a very minimum budget we were able to achieve close to 98% success rate.This has enabled us to offer 100% Guaranteed result with 100% money back (starting from May 2013).  . Please check our deliverables, costing and process for details.

Local Marketing is very effective for Sales

Internet is going more and more local;
  1. 43% of total queries that Google processes are local (source:
  2. 61% of local searches lead to successful transaction (Source: TMP/comScore)
  3. 82% of local searchers follow-up their online search by visiting the nearby store or by phone call Source: TMP/comScore)
  4. 76% of Internet users first look at Local Search or map area of the 1st page, then Organic and last Paid (Source: Neilson,2009)
  5. 54% of Americans have substituted yellow page phone books with the Internet and local search (Source: comScore Networks)
  6. 57% of Internet users research online, purchase offline (Source: NPD Group)

In 2010 Google integrated local search results with Web Search; and it became one of the easiest routes for the businesses to make it to the first page of Google for very targeted local searches.

Google Local Marketing details, process, costing, deliverables & more.

Example of a Local Listing:

  • For some of the local searches when you search in Google’s main page, local results can come up,
  • There is a special Google local search and then there is Google maps.
  • Also many of the vendors use the data from Google Local for their applications.
  • & more

Example of a Local Listing - Techshu