Industry wise Digital Marketing Solution in India

Industry wise digital marketing solution in India – Small Businesses

We’re committed to keeping Techshu affordable, this is one more step towards better ROI. There is 10% to 40% activities which are industry specific, so we are adding industry specific solutions here. We are creating these special sections so that it can even help the small businesses to use digital media to make them sucessful. It’s 2014, and 55% of small businesses still don’t have a website, according to research conducted by Google. So you must have an website to become successful in digital media. We would suggest you should have a mobile optimized and scalable website to become successful in the long run.

Now what is the meaning of Digital Success to the local small businesses?

Businesses live or die today based on how they adapt to digital media. Many small businesses have embraced the digital economy, recognizing that an online presence can provide significant opportunities for growth. As a business owner, how do you measure the digital success? Some of the points mentioned below as to how you can realize that your clients will find you.

  1. Number of traffic coming to your website
  2. Number of queries you are getting
  3. Difference between the no of phone calls you get before and after digital marketing investment
  4. See if the local customers are talking about your business
  5. See if your business email (mentioned in website) is getting promotional emails or other emails – that means the visibility is increasing

We are currently focusing on very small local businesses to make step by step strategies to create ROI for them. We have analyzed few of the essential factors where small businesses struggles a lot and sales/leads is one of them. Small businesses do require a constant flow of cash to support the business. And we are trying to help those businesses to grow with a number of customers. By ROI we understand sales, queries, engagement etc.

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