We are an Integrated performance digital success agency that is CARING & BOLD

There are too many things that need to come together to bring a high level of digital success. The best result comes when there is a strong integration between all marketing activities. We will be known by the success percentage, and so will every single person on the team.

TechShu is one of the most knowledgeable Digital Marketing companies and we have partnered with many digital marketing and web developers in the past and offered our white-label agency services.

We hate the word outsourcing as it is more like Co-op (Competition with cooperation), it's about a partnership where both of us add greater value for our customers.

Exploring White Label Marketing Services in India: A Comprehensive Overview of Our Solutions

Let’s win the competition with cooperation


Leveraging Proxy Servers

Our cutting-edge proxy server technology enables us to maintain seamless connectivity between our partners and clients, ensuring that the reported data is reliable and consistent. By leveraging proxy servers, we eliminate potential issues arising from IP/location discrepancies, allowing us to deliver precise and trustworthy reporting for our clients.


Global expertise, local impact

We have a dual content service provider, where we have tied up with local content editors to give a local touch to our researched and optimized content (content is a major problem when you outsource to a non-English country)


Pioneers in Digital Mix selection

We provide end-to-end support, and digital mix selection is new SEO. 90% of the problem and solution is decided by the mix you have selected. We are proud to be thought leaders and pioneers in digital marketing mix selection.


Striving for Excellence

We have a crystal-clear vision: to be the world's best in terms of digital marketing returns. This unwavering goal is ingrained in our team, our culture, and our processes. We believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible, continuously innovating, and delivering unparalleled results for our clients.

A digital agency that is differently focused on performance at scale


Audits at all levels


Training & Consulting


Build your team with us


3600 Project execution at scale


Pay Per Performance (For selected projects only)

Partnership Methods

We are flexible even at the project level, there are some projects which can be passed on directly which we can deal with the clients, and there are projects which can be pure white labels, where we do the backend work


Pure White Label

You handle client management, while we serve as the backend execution team for your agency/brand.


Semi White Label

Both our teams take care of client management, working as partners to ensure the project's success.


No White Label

We take care of both client management and execution as a partner agency. You entrust the project to us for seamless delivery.


A white-label agency offers products and services which a business can sell under its own brand name. It provides a range of marketing services like white-label SEO services for agencies, social media marketing, white-label PPC service, and more. Additionally, white-label services provide the expertise that can be used by other businesses to expand their offerings and generate extra revenue without doing any in-house investments.

We are performance-oriented, which means we don't believe in tasks, we believe in results and ownership. We focus on Business KPIs than channel or digital KPIs, directly or indirectly the impact should be seen on real business KPIs. We own the result, we must be bold enough like a mother who can take bold decisions for the right of her child

We are a 360° integrated digital marketing service provider and some of our services include White label PPC services, White-label local SEO services, Web design and development, Email marketing, content marketing, social media management, and many more.

We have worked with over 30 industries, we believe digital is a lot industry agnostic, 80% of the work & structure remains the same, and the message/TG changes for every business.

We are using some of the most advanced tools to manage all of the work, we have in-house marketing automation tools, now designing full keyword analysis tools.

White-label Digital Marketing Services For Agencies in India Add the power of scale

Experience The People Advantage – Power Of Alternatives

  • Build your alternative high-performance team (offshore support team)
  • Flexible hours (fill in the missing skill gaps, give more to your clients, increase LTV)
  • Experience new age pay-for-performance
  • Our team of experts will respond to you within 24 hours to take this further

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