Initiatives By Techshu

It started as a platform to share our knowledge and processes with Indian SEO companies and SEO clients but now it is our main portal catering to the complete 360 degree solution for digital marketing needs.

Give an Hour To Explore Web Marketing Components For Your Business. It’s a campaign we started to give the Indian businesses an insight into the world of web and social media marketing in an hour. This effort is to educate and update businesses about the tools available on web in simple manner.

Premium space for Digital Marketing Professionals. It is a platform to bridge the gap between the Indian web professionals and the Indian web companies.

the education arm of TechShu. It addresses a pressing need for digital talent across all the industries. Our aim is to educate and mentor people from different disciplines in industry and academe on how to market in the new digital environment and measure the effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts, activities and investment.

It’s aimed at helping time-pressed professionals, corporate and entrepreneurs who wish to write blogs and share their expertise but fail to do so due to lack of time. We understand their requirements from a blog post then analyse their ideas, write the post, arrange and edit the content and deliver.

Keyword research forms the basis of all online activities. Without proper keyword research, SEO and PPC is a waste of time. Under this initiative, we provide companies with an elaborate keyword analysis of as much as 10,000 keywords checking 25+ parameters.

We help the charities who need promotion on web with the help of established brands willing to donate to the charity. Together we attempt to lead such charities through a time of digital