The Ultimate Local SEO checklist 2023 to conquer the search results

The Ultimate Local SEO checklist 2023 to conquer the search results

Local intent makes up about 46% of all Google searchesGPS-enabled apps are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who want to find local businesses within walking distance. 

Consequently, savvy marketers are employing hyper-local strategies such as geolocation and mapping-based tools like Google My Business listings and Google Maps in their local search campaigns. All it comes down to is that search engines favour outlets closest to the searcher. 

Hence, we, as Local SEO Kolkata providers, have compiled a checklist highlighting some critical components of local SEO that ensure maximum visibility for your business in your neighbourhood. So let’s dive right in. 

On-Page Elements 

Optimize title tags – Title tags differ from page headings. The latter can be descriptive and lengthy, but the title tag should not exceed 60 characters. In addition, it must include your keywords and the location (name of the area or city) for which you want to rank. 

Structure your URLs – Shorter URLs provide a better user experience. As a Local SEO services provider in Kolkata, we add language markers to URLs. Due to security concerns, Google prefers https pages over http pages. For better readability, use hyphens instead of special characters ($,! @,_). 

Optimize your images – As part of our Local SEO Kolkata services, we include the focus keyword, which may consist of location names in the image ALT tags and file name. We also use image compressors like jpegmini or imageoptim to reduce their size so that the site loads faster. 

Website Content & Backlinking 

Get Voice Ready – Optimize for voice search with conversational long-tail keywords and persona-based, concise content. Furthermore, many users perform on-the-go local queries on their smartphones, so optimize for “near me” searches. 

Remove duplicate content – Our team providing Local SEO Kolkata services checks websites for duplicate content by using this free tool. You can use canonical URLs or set up 301 redirects if you have multiple pages with the same content. As a result, Google will know which URL to index and which to prioritize.

Build quality backlinks – Besides building backlinks on high authority domains, as local SEO services providers in Kolkata, we also look at sites our client’s target audience regularly visits. Additionally, we encourage local influencers and bloggers to review or promote the business on their profiles or sites. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

Monitor and respond to reviews regularly – No matter whether they are positive reviews filled with praise or negative reviews filled with criticism, you should respond to them all. Once you have acknowledged and resolved an issue offline, you should update it online. It will leave a positive impression on your business, indicating that you value your clients’ emotions. 

Include recognizable testimonials – You may display reviews from your business’s Google listing, Facebook page, or Yelp profile on your website using review widgets. You could add a backlink at the end of every testimonial to entice visitors to click on your website and leave a review. 

Build Citations 

Submit citations to the top sites – As part of our local SEO Kolkata process, we submit our client’s business to credible online directories to help establish their NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone Number) on the Internet. Moreover, we ensure that their business’ NAP is consistent across all directories and mentions. 

Check competitor’s citations – Monitoring your competitors’ citations will ensure you are listed on sites they are using. To build citations, we undertake local SEO in Kolkata by using websites that feature guest blogs, press releases, news publications, image (and/or) video submission sites, etc. 

Top Business Directories 

Create/Claim Bing listing – As a Local SEO services provider in Kolkata, we insist you register your business listing with Bing for two reasons. Starting with, it is an excellent way for you to reach people who use Bing extensively, along with adding another backlink and mention on the web. 

Get on social platforms – Our local SEO Kolkata team tags the location when posting images of our client’s workspaces. Always check in or tag your business at local events you attend. This way, you’ll let the community know you are actively involved. 

The Google Universe 

Provide accurate data on your Google listing – If you’re looking for a local SEO services provider in Kolkata, we ensure your GMB listing contains accurate information about your NAP, website address, business hours, etc. Do not mention voucher codes or discounts your business is promoting or post any controversial content. 

Select business categories carefully – Google lets you select the main category for your business along with several subcategories. So select a combination of categories that makes sense for your business; otherwise, your online visibility could suffer. 

Setup Google Webmasters & Analytics – Our local SEO Kolkata clients often assume that Google Analytics and Google Webmasters are the same. While Google Analytics provides insights into how your visitors engage with your website, Google Webmasters gives data about how search engines interact with your website. 

Final Thoughts 

A busy entrepreneur or stressed marketer is always looking for new ways to increase traffic to their business website, but local SEO is one of those low-hanging fruits that can pay off handsomely. Furthermore, if your business doesn’t appear when someone searches in your vicinity, you’re losing out big time. 

Hopefully, the above checklist will help you identify gaps in your local SEO efforts. Nonetheless, if the list has overwhelmed you, let our local SEO Kolkata experts optimize your website, market your company, reach more local customers, and increase your revenue.


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