2023 Mobile Friendly Email Design Tips from the Top Email Marketing Company in Kolkata

2023 Mobile Friendly Email Design Tips from the Top Email Marketing Company in Kolkata

As more and more people open Emails on their smartphones and tablets it has become necessary to ensure that your emails are properly displayed on your mobile screens. As per the latest mobile email statistics, 70% of emails are likely to be deleted within three seconds if not displayed properly on mobile devices.

Make your email marketing campaign mobile-friendly with these simple tricks:


  1. A shorter subject line is better for Mobile devices:

Yes, due to the limited screen size available on mobile devices, you should keep your subject lines under 30 characters so that they are clearly visible to your subscribers.

Make sure your subject line stands out and creates curiosity in your audience, Here are a few examples of subject lines that are ideal for audiences who check their emails on mobile devices:

  • A story about (Your Subscriber Name) 
  • 10 SEO Tricks You Should Know  
  • Offer you don’t wanna miss!
  • Did you miss our workshop?


  1. Pre-Header Text:

Preheader texts allow you to provide a brief preview of the content of your email. For example: 

Subject Line: “We will help you finish”

Pre-header text: “The course”

However, you have limited pre-header text space on mobile devices. So you need to be concise and strategic during ideation.


  1. Focus on the subject

Keep your email body content short and to the point, A crisp and concise email will make it easier for the reader to absorb all the information. People are often not attentive when reading emails on their smartphones, so using bullet points, smaller paragraphs, and simple language can help them go through the information quickly.


  1. Buttons instead of hyperlinks

On mobile devices, buttons appear much clearer and larger than hyperlinks, making it easier for the user to interact with the content. Clearly visible and labelled buttons with text like “click now” or “shop now” also help in creating a sense of urgency and they give a more polished and attractive look to your email. You can look out for expert email marketing services in Kolkata to make your email engaging with an attractive layout and user-friendly design.


  1. Adequate spacing

An email with a cluttered and cramped layout occupied with jumbled text, images, and buttons can frustrate your subscribers, and they may accidentally click on the wrong links and buttons.

Therefore, it is advisable to provide the required white space around images, between paragraphs, and clickable buttons and links to make it easier for the user to read and navigate. 


  1. Email load time is crucial

According to a 2023 report by Hubspot, 46% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This is because of people’s dependency on smartphones with high-speed internet. People prefer to check their emails on their mobile devices because they know that it will not take much of their time compared to doing the same thing on a desktop or laptop. 

Mobile devices also enable individuals to check emails while travelling. Under such circumstances, if an email takes time to load, then there is a high chance that the recipient is going to close or delete it. Therefore, if you want to engage your subscribers, you need to make sure that your email loads quickly by opting for lightweight email coding and compressing images in your emails.


  1. Test your emails

You are investing your precious time and money in designing and crafting a perfect email to promote your business, so you should try and test different versions of your email through A/B testing to find the best which can create the possibility of getting higher clicks and conversions.


  1. Use of fluid design technique

Under a fluid design system, CSS coding is done in terms of percentages to fit the width of images and tables on the mobile, tablet and desktop screens. This liquid layout system is a good approach for websites as it makes them more user-friendly due to its adaptability to different screen sizes.


Make your Email Design Mobile Friendly with the Best Email Marketing Company in Kolkata

In this Mobile-first era, you have to make sure that your marketing emails are mobile-friendly. Your subscribers should be able to read and understand your message easily over their mobile screen or else your marketing campaign will become very less effective.

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