Inspirational B2B Marketing Campaigns: From the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Inspirational B2B Marketing Campaigns: From the Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata

If you are a B2B marketer and want to infuse some extra spark into your marketing campaigns, this article is for you! As the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we have compiled a list of the most effective and inspirational B2B marketing campaigns to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.

But before going further, let us find out what degree of importance B2B marketing holds in 2023:

  • B2B is all about reaching out to another business that is interested in your products and services. The wide use of the internet these days has made it easy for marketers to target businesses that fall in their niche.
  • The global economy is expanding and is linked to every other business. So, the opportunity for B2B growth is huge.

Here is a list of some of the most groundbreaking and successful B2B marketing campaigns:


  1. GE’s Instawalk: Attracting people to your brand is all about improvising and using social media platforms in the most effective way. Here is an example of how General Electric aka GE made use of Instagram to promote its aviation facility and also show the world its expertise in manufacturing heavy machinery.

    GE invited 6 popular Instagram photographers all having more than 440K followers along with 6 GE aviation fans to its aviation facility in Peebles, OHIO. To select the top 6 fans GE ran a competition on Instagram asking Instagram users to comment on the post with one sentence and tell why they are the biggest aviation geek.


  1. Search like a G Comedy Video Series from Google: Google collaborated with Asim Chaudhry an English comedian best known for portraying chat buddy G for BBC. With a series of funny videos, Google tried to show how Chadbuddy utilized Google Ads to rank his product “Peanut Dust” higher on the search result pages.


  1. Nielsen’s Marketing Campaign: Nielsen is a well-known marketing research company and is operative in more than 100 countries. Therefore, Nielsen decided to come up with a marketing strategy that is more focused on informing businesses and individuals about how much effort its field associates put into gathering data starting from big cities to small villages.


  1. TE Connectivity’s Marketing Strategy: TE Connectivity creates technology for Manufacturing industries. The marketing team of TE Connectivity took inspiration from Hollywood and connected with individuals who have recently joined as engineers in manufacturing companies. In this way, TE Connectivity enhanced its brand visibility and created the possibility of getting future projects from manufacturing companies.


  1. IBM’s Neurodiversity Approach: IBM promoted the idea of “neurodiversity” through their video marketing campaign in which they showed how four autism-affected people wanted to have jobs and live their lives independently. Instead of targeting companies with the usual brand promotion ads, IBM chose to promote their ideology of how different ways of thinking are fruitful for any workplace or organisation.


  1. Solace Promoting Pubsub+: Solace promoted its free cloud-based messaging platform called Pubsub+ through a humorous video. They actually advertised, how confident they are about their software by mentioning “what could go wrong” if you are relying on Solace.


  1. Owen Illinois’s Glass is Life: Owen Illinois is a leading glass container manufacturer, and to promote its glass packaging material the company came up with a marketing campaign called “Glass is Life”. They simply created a video ad explaining how glass containers keep the original flavour of food items intact, unlike plastic containers. The marketing team chose a popular chef and through him, they explained how glass containers keep food healthy and safe.


  1. Olo’s takeout bags: Olo is a New York-based food-ordering software company. They took the opportunity to improvise on their takeout bags when they realised that customers were requesting art figures on those bags. Olo launched where they can capture requests from customers of what they want on the bags to be imprinted. 


The attractive prints on the bags caught the attention of people and more users started to visit The increased traffic of created a medium for people to visit hence increasing the number of sales.

When you try to connect with businesses with an out-of-the-box approach, you create an environment where you generate curiosity among your target customers. This results in businesses visiting your online website or trying to connect with you over call to get answers to their questions.


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