Mastering Local SEO In 2023: Top Insights From The Best Local SEO Expert In Kolkata

Mastering Local SEO In 2023: Top Insights From The Best Local SEO Expert In Kolkata

Local internet marketing can be highly effective for many businesses but it’s important to find the right marketing mix for your specific needs to make it successful on the web. One of the most effective local internet marketing strategies especially for SMEs and B2C brands is Local SEO optimization. It ensures that you are discoverable, trustworthy, and appealing to your target audience in a world where online visibility plays a critical role in business success. By investing in local SEO, you can connect with local customers, boost your revenue, and establish a strong online presence in your community.

Here are some eye-opening 2023 local SEO facts:

  • 46% of Google searches are done with local intent, i.e., the 3.5 billion searches Google receives every day 1.6 billion of them are related to local search.
  • In 2022 98% of people used the internet to search for local businesses.
  • 1.5 billion online audiences have visited physical locations on the basis of the local searches they made.
  • 28% of people who have done local searches end up getting converted.
  • 78% of people who have done local searches over smartphones visit physical stores to make offline purchases.
  • 70% of online searchers tend to visit local stores after gathering information about the store through the web.
  • The local businesses that manage to rank on top of the result pages get 24.4% of all clicks.
  • “Near me” searches have increased by 136%, the majority of the searches are through smartphones and 50% of all the near me searches end up in offline store visits.
  • 62% of online audiences will not trust you if your business-related details are not available over the Internet.

(Source: safaridigital)

If you are a local business owner and have not yet implemented a basic local SEO mechanism, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

As a professional local SEO company in Kolkata, TechShu can help Local businesses optimize their website and online existence so that they can rank higher on the result pages for local searches. In this blog, we are going to explore some of the most essential local SEO tips that can help increase your local reach and boost your sales. 

  1. Use Video Content to enhance your local visibility

People today prefer videos over written content for a particular product or service. A video provides more clarity to the audience as compared to text content. Here are some interesting stats related to video content:

  • 50% of online audiences check for videos related to a product or service.
  • People who watch demo videos of a product or service develop a better understanding and they are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Businesses that use video content for marketing have a 27% higher CTR and a 34% higher conversion rate.
  • 52% of advertisers and marketers agree that quality video content provides the best ROI.

What to do as a local marketer or business owner to use the power of Video marketing:

  • Take the help of a local SEO expert in Kolkata to create engaging video content related to your business targeted at local customers, as online viewers near your business location may watch your video content.
  • Embed videos on top pages of your website, Make sure the video is relevant and explains the text content of the page more effectively.
  • Find out through Google search console how your video is performing, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Entertain your target audience with video content and also feed information related to your business, products and services such as your location and the experiences of your earlier customers.
  1. Use Chat and text

You can integrate WhatsApp services or chat services with your website to engage with online visitors. A lot of people prefer to clear their doubts over text as they might be busy with something else at the same moment. The texting service providers also share data related to your business you can analyse the data to find where you can improve to attract more customers.

  1. Share Customer-related information on your website

Most of the time people find it difficult to use the products because of their complex nature, therefore you can create a tutorial video or a guide to help them understand and become comfortable. Share pricing details so that customers can make informed decisions.

  1. Focus on Local Keywords

Take the help of Google Keyword Planner to identify keywords related to your locality and optimize your website with the most relevant local keywords. For example “best biryani in Kolkata” or best “restaurant in Kolkata”.

  1. Update your Google Business Profile on a regular basis

Use your Google Business Profile efficiently to be visible in front of the target audience:

  • Keep an eye on the changing demands of the customers. It’s not necessary for a person to have the same tastes and demands throughout the year; these preferences may change, Therefore, it’s essential to be proactive and be prepared to provide what the customer needs.
  • Choose your top-ranking page to link with your Google Business Profile to get the maximum impact.
  1. Have separate pages for each product or location

As a local business search engines will not give your brand the required preference if you put all of your offerings in one single page. If you have multiple products then dedicate separate pages for each product. 

Explain the uses and benefits of the products in simple language and use relevant keywords to gain the attention of search engine bots. However, if you have a single product or service but it is present in multiple locations then you can design separate pages for each location.


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