Popular Brand Wars till 2023: Insights from the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata

Popular Brand Wars till 2023: Insights from the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata

The advertising world is a competitive landscape, Brands are always on the lookout for ideas to compete with each other. In modern times we have seen a number of famous brand conflicts such as Pepsi Vs Coke, BMW Vs Audi, Microsoft Vs Apple, and Domino’s Vs Subway and every year the battle keeps on shifting between different industries and niches.

But why do companies compete with each other by showing the other one inferior? The reason could be that it creates a sense of rivalry and excitement in the market which attracts customers. The market is full of competition and it becomes slightly difficult to attract people’s attention through a customary advertisement showing the advantages of your product. 

To make people think or make them curious about your brand, sometimes you have to target another popular brand and claim that you are better than them. It is more like a psychological game where companies feed on customer’s curiosity.

As the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, In this blog, we are going to explore the most popular and Innovative Brand Wars that have happened till 2023.


  1. Burger King’s #LonelyNoMore Valentine’s Day campaign

In 2020, Burger King came up with a spicy promotional strategy on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It urged people to take a selfie with Ronald McDonald a clown character and the primary Mascot of McDonald’s Fast Food Restaurant chain. And share the image with the tag @BurgerKingIndia on Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram to get a free whooper on 14th Feb.

Burger King took a dig at the lonely-looking clown and promoted its brand with the hashtag #LonelyNoMore. The marketing campaign generated 1.5 million app impressions.


  1. Pepsi Vs Coca Cola

How can we forget the Cola War? Well, recently in the 2019 Super Bowl Pepsi managed to pull 2,27000 branded mentions. #PepsiHalftime received the maximum mentions succeeded by #Pepsi & #PepsiMoreThanOk. On the other hand, Coca-Cola faced very tough competition and managed to get only 43,400 mentions for #CocaCola and 14,800 mentions for #BTSxCocaCola.

One more interesting take that they took on each other is during Halloween When Pepsi promoted its Pepsi Can wearing a Coca-Cola cape with the tagline “We wish you a scary Halloween!”, Coca-Cola retaliated using the ad by just changing the tagline to “Everybody wants to be a Hero”. 

Today’s competitive market demands out-of-the-box ideas and marketing strategies, As a business owner you have to come up with something unique and vibrant which can catch public attention and in this quest, if you are looking for some expert advice you should connect with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata to receive customised solutions for your immediate marketing needs.


  1. Audi Vs BMW

The story of Brand Wars is incomplete without mentioning the billboard ad conflict between Audi and BMW. It started a few years back with BMW promoting its off-road motorcycle with the tagline “A BMW rally with two nearby service centres. What’s Next, Paramedics at a Chess Tournament” to which Audi replied with its promotion of the Audi A4 model and the tagline was “Chess? No thanks, I’d rather be driving.

In the end, If we look at Brand Wars from a different angle then it is good for customers as it leads to innovation, lower price, and produces better products for consumers.


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