How To Create An SEO Roadmap? Expert Tips From The Top SEO Agency In Kolkata

How To Create An SEO Roadmap? Expert Tips From The Top SEO Agency In Kolkata

The digital landscape of the 21st century is continuously evolving, and the art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing the shape of online marketing and advertising. As we continue our SEO journey in 2023 we observe that organic search offers a dynamic topography, with changing algorithms, rise and fall in search trends, and increasing competition. In this rapidly changing environment, it is essential to move ahead with accuracy and forward planning, and that is where the need for a top SEO agency in Kolkata arises. 

With this blog, we want to provide you with exceptional knowledge and valuable insights that will allow you to understand the current digital landscape and boost your online presence.


Why do you need an SEO roadmap?

Every business wants to enhance its website’s online position on the search result ranking pages (SERPs) to increase website traffic and brand visibility. An SEO roadmap contains tactics, plans, and strategies that you can use to reach your goals.

As the best organic SEO expert in Kolkata, here we are sharing some very effective steps to create your SEO roadmap:


  1. Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Link Building

Begin with Keyword research, find out the keywords for which your competitors are ranking but you are not. Through in-depth keyword research, you can identify content gaps, project SEO forecast, determine which content needs your time and attention, and assess the need for new content and content revision. 

Next is a Technical SEO audit of your website, during which you will evaluate your website’s technical health. This audit can help you locate issues that may be limiting your website’s ranking on search result pages. It includes practices such as checking if search engine bots can crawl your website, assessing page indexing, evaluating the loading speed of your website, considering the overall user experience, and reviewing website security measures.

You should also plan and strategize to improve your backlink profile. You can take the help of an expert SEO agency in Kolkata to refine your approach and make it more precise.


  1. Focus on the higher level and add the details later

Don’t pressure yourself or your team to get all the details at the beginning of the campaign. Start with what is important and then keep on adding information. Let us understand this with an example:

Suppose you are working on a promotional campaign, your road map could appear as below:

First Month:

  • Preparing a list of target audiences as per various segments
  • Getting clarity on how to connect with the target audience
  • Launching a website

Second Month:

  • Write content and post blogs
  • Publish content on social media
  • Email Marketing campaigns

Third Month:

  • Study Results and make required adjustments
  • Initiate new promotional and advertising activities
  • Carry on with content creation and running campaigns

It is not necessary to have all the details for each month in advance, just start with the most critical aspects and keep on adding details as your campaign progresses.

Involve your team in the process, by holding brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for your key tasks. This will align everyone toward the same goal.


  1. Using Charts and Paperwork

You can use Gantt charts to track your work and progress, It can be created on Google Sheets or you can utilize software like Monday or Jira. Here are the contents of the chart:

  • Headings: Keep the heading as per your work area or your business goals.
  • Tasks: You can include all kinds of tasks in this section such as the ones which would be handled by you and the ones which will be handled by your team.

You can keep a manageable number of rows according to the duration of your roadmap.


  1. Review and Prioritization of Tasks

After creating your SEO roadmap keep yourself focused and don’t get diverted. Once you have organized and assigned tasks to your team and have also estimated how much time each task is going to take you should shift your focus on reviewing your priorities. You can also take the help of your team to prioritize tasks. 


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