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9 Indian Accounts That are Doing Content Marketing Well

We are living in an age of content overload. If you look around, you will see everyone trying to master the art of content marketing. But only a few have mastered it. For these brands, content marketing is not about getting lucky once or twice. It's about nailing it every time. 

Here's a rundown of 9 Indian social accounts that are consistently doing great. So, we thought to dig deeper and share some of their success stories with you.

25 Must-reads For CIOs 2017 - Part 1

We reveal some of the useful insights & articles from 2017 offering advice on digital transformation, innovation and business growth. 

Recommended Reading List For CIOs

1. Global Brand Simplicity Index 2017 - Siegel+Gale

The report highlights how simple and clear user experiences drive brand loyalty. Simplicity inspires people to spend more, motivates employees to deliver on the brand promise—and ultimately drives financial gain for companies that embrace it.

50 Ads From 2016 That You Shouldn't Miss At Any Cost - #2016TechShuSeries

1) Buster the Boxer – John Lewis

So, the hero of 2016 is a boxer dog called Buster who we see happily jumping on trampoline on the Christmas morning. He’s not the only animal starring in the ad; there’re computer generated foxes, badger, squirrel and even a hedgehog – which most of the viewers would mistake for real-life animals! Watch the ad to know why it’s become the most shared ad of 2016, as per Unruly’s annual ‘Top 20 Global Video Ads Chart’.

5 Things Advertisers Need To Know About Dads

Dads hate shopping. Dads can't change diapers. Dads can't cook. Dads can't do this...dads can't do that. Well, it's time to change the way dads are stereotyped as clueless and incompetent when it comes to parenting. Dads are as involved as moms - from grocery shopping to buying products for their kids. Here're some interesting facts - from Father's Day spending to how dads view online advertising.


Women Who're Rocking the Tech Industry in India


Here's a list of 12 women who're creating wow experiences in the tech industry in India. Enjoy the read and stay inspired. Also, a very happy #BusinessWomen'sDay. 


1) Aruna Jayanthi, CEO India Capgemini 

Since 2011, Jayanthi has been heading Capgemini in India. She has also been the Chairperson of Board of Governors of National Institute of Technology Calicut since November 2014. She refuses to believe that the IT industry discriminates against women. Here's what she said.