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Social Media Marketing for Mumbai Companies – Why Social Media

Unlike PPC or SEO social media is a lot more one to one interaction with your customers, engaging them personally. So there is a big difference between social media marketing with SEO and PPC and most of the companies, no matter whether they are from Mumbai or any other city in India or any other country, fail to understand it. When you do social media marketing, you need to have a very clear idea the reason, objective for doing social media marketing.
Social media is a way to get close to your customers/clients. You can interact with them, you can discuss with them and this will help you to create a personal relationship, or better say, casual relationship which later will help you to position in a better way for your target market. It will not generate direct sales for you but it will help you to support your sales, to imrpove your sales figure in an indirect manner.
Suppoer you advertising in TV, you do not have any idea if that is helping you in sales, but this is surely giving you visibility and recognition which is indirectly helping your sales. Social media also does the same thing but in a very personal manner. As per our experience many companies of Mumbai and other cities start social media without understanding the cause, reason or goal and that is the difference we make.
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Facebook Apps for Mumbai companies – Special discount

Facebook apps is the latest sensation in Social media marketing. Many companies in mumbai and other cities are using facebook apps for social media and this is really good. Facebook apps helps you to get viral, it helps to engage users. But there are two aspects of facebook app ad they are
  • Idea: What is the idea behind the facebook app, what will people do with the app? Is it a creative app or an utility app? All those questions you need to answer
  • Design: design is another very important aspect of facebook app. If the design is poor or not attractive, does not matter how good the idea is, people will not use it and thus it will fail.
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