PPC Services in Mumbai

PPC Management services for Mumbai Companies

There are only 7-8 Google certified partners in Mumbai and we were surprised to see it. Though there are a lot of digital marketing companies in Mumbai but most of them are not certified and we recommend not to go for a company which is not Google certified. Google certification is a recognition which will help you to understand the quality of the company. We are Google certified partner, Google negage partner, among top 3 Bing accredited partner in the world, know more about our certifications and recognitions

MCC Account – spent almost INR 900,00,000.00

This amount itself proves our experience. We have been working with many mumbai companies, we worked with companies outside of mumbai as well as India as well. We have separate PPC team for PPC only and all of them are very qualified. Two of them are Google certified professiona(both in search and display), three of them are Microsoft Bing accredited professional. Our Top leaders have experience in PPC for almost 10+ years.

PPC for Mumbai – what is the future?

In the last financial year 97% of Google’s profit came from Google adwords only. The largest revenue generation channel for Facebook is Facebook ads and all those informations proves one thing only, it has a great future. Google, Bing, Facebook will surely appreciate and improve PPC since this is their bread and butter.
PPC is going to be the next trend in near future. Google, Bing, Facebook or Linkedin can give you such visibility which no offline advertisement can match. The next thing that people will fall in love with it is proper data. It allows you to have proper and accurate data, complete tracking and that will help you to take informed decisions.

Offers for Mumbai Companies

For companies in Mumbai we have some special offers. We do not believe in pre-built packages as we believe that every business is different. Apart from offering very custom package, we also work on pay per performance model for some of the businesses.
Special offer for Mumbai companies only. Pay INR 10000 and we will run ads for INR 16000. Wait, there is more to add, we will not take consultancy for it as well and all those are applicable for the first month. From the second month onwards we will run ads for INR 10000(considering you putting INR 10000) and we will take INR 2000 as consultancy charges.