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SEO for Mumbai – don’t be a dinosaur, ROI focused SEO

In the last decade the picture of SEO changed a lot. It has changed from keyword stuffing to exhaustive keyword analysis and optimization, it has changed from directory, article submission to high quality links, it has changed from typical onpage SEO to structural and advanced onpage SEO(know how they have changed in the last two decades)

Because of so many updates by Google we keep getting clients saying some X, Y, Z Company has ruined their ranking in Google. So when you hire a SEO company, you need to understand the quality of their company and that is why we cannot provide SEO in $100 because we will not do just few random directory or article submission which will not add any value for your business, infact it will ruin your ranking.(know how Google ranks your website)

So if you are not talking about quality work, you better be closing this window right away. But if you are concerned about ROI measurementbuilding your profit blocksquality work then we have the same destination.

We find many companies in Mumbai saying, “oh, we will do your SEO in just $100, or $200, $300” but they never define their work. It’s better to donate that much amount to any NGO because we can guarantee that will not give you any return anyway.

Now the question is who we are and how we are different from others?

We are not really concerned about getting businesses always because we believe if we do it right, we will get business anyway. So it is not for business, we are concerned about letting people know the true way of doing SEO and best practices of SEO. If you are struggling with your SEO activities, just let us know, fill our contact us form and we will get back to you within 24 hours, or you can directly come to our Mumbai branch and talk to us over a cup of coffee.

We are the thought leader in the industry and rightly said by Spiderman’s uncle, great power comes with great responsibility and we are taking the responsibility of letting people know about the secrets of SEO.

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