Email Marketing Services in Mumbai

Email Marketing in Mumbai

Every agencies know Email marketing but if you ask how to improve the open rate in Email marketing, how to increase the conversion rate, there is hardly any company can answer it. We have been doing Email marketing right from the bargaining (for almost 10+ years) and we have a great knowledge in it.

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Email marketing is a science and one needs to understand the behavior of the customers very well. Things that you need to understand for Email marketing are

  • Email marketing is not sending random mails to your customers, it is structured way of spreading knowledge
  • Email marketing does not mean sending only offers or sales pitch, it can also include other valuable information to spread knowledge with your brand name
  • Proper timing, user behavior, proper design, proper theme, proper idea, proper database, proper targeting are necessary to optimize your email campaign.
  • Tracking is very important for email marketing. Until and unless you have the proper data, you will never ever be able to optimize it.

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We have been doing email marketing for many clients for Mumbai, outside Mumbai as well and we believe we know the secrets of Email marketing. We have analyzed email marketing vigorously and we have proper data, we have proper understanding about the users psyche, what they think, we have a great design team, they design amazing newsletters.

Few Email Newsletter designed by us

Here are few examples of some email newsletter designed by us, just have a look at those awesome designs

Example of an Email Newsletter designed by Us - Techshu

Email Newsletter designed by Us - Techshu



We have done a lot of email newsletter as well, ask us for a portfolio.

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