Affiliate Marketing Services in Mumbai

AFFILIATE MARKETING  for companies in Mumbai

Affiliate marketing is a very good concept and there are companies in Mumbai and other areas who are living on affiliate marketing. We have few clients who are earning very good from affiliates and though affiliate marketing takes time but when it starts, it gives very good return.
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Affiliate marketing will not happen overnight, that is for sure. Let us give a perfect example of affiliate market, a great success story to share.

One small Case stufy for Affiliate Marketing

We had a client and that client sells different kind of graphs and charts online and they were looking for online visibility and search engine. But it was very difficult to do SEO for them because of many reasons. So we started doing affiliate marketing with a website which were ranking for very relevant keywords. After doing this the sales of the websites as well as the traffic of the website increased a lot. In this way they earned a good amount of money.

The tricky part comes here. The website we choose for affiliate was developed and optimized by us only. We choose the domain, we added content, we optimized the website for search engine. Once the website started ranking we just put our client’s banner there and they started getting a lot of traffic and sales from there.

Affiliate Marketing- Our Approach

We have access to a diverse and extensive reach of affiliate networks to ensure a targeted exposure of your campaign and excellent results. Our specialized team will manage your associations and report on campaign outcomes such as the resulting conversions, the number of sales made, traffic generation and campaign popularity comparisons.
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