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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates – It can work wonders if managed properly


It is a very old marketing model and very effective too. If you can connect with the right people, return can be huge.


Affiliate marketing model is well known, you pay people for generating business for you. There can be many affiliate members, you only need to pay them when they bring you business.


There are many platforms that connect affiliate publishers and advertisers and help you manage the campaigns. You can create your own affiliate management system for performance tracking too.


Why you need us?


We can help you better manage your affiliate system. Here is what you get by working with us:


  1. Easy campaign setup

  2. Advanced ways of expanding affiliate network

  3. Creative campaigns to promote your affiliate program

  4. Discussion and brainstorming to explore new avenues

  5. Regular reporting


We not only manage your affiliate program, we help you grow fast. We help you come up with new ideas to promote and expand it, we help you to integrate it with your offline activities. We encourage our customers to expand their affiliate program through social media.


We offer affiliate or social affiliate program as a part of our Digital Mix – those who want us to work exclusively on their affiliate program, should contact us. Call us or email us for more information.