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Facebook Apps

Facebook Application Development

We are a bunch of nerds facebook application development extensively. Our quest started with have a page like , itunes facebook page. Then we checked static FBML and created few applications using Facebook’s Static FBML apps and Google docs. (We can give you a training in 30 mins, $150 for it, it can help you a lot). We were not ready to stop there, we went deeper and deeper, now we can create any kind of Facebook application.


FBML/XFBML & FQL - two beauties of Facebook App Development

FBML and FQL are the two beauties. You will like to try few, here is a small fun type, go to and try few of the FBML code and see why we are in love with XFBML. Try and change the uid with your user id and your friends id. Play around and you love it. Try the FQLs at


How much will it cost

We charge $15 per hour. We do our code really fast maintaining the quality using proper template structure, cache, OOP, HTTP_PIPELINING, integration with open source system.

Why Facebook Applications?

We have been into community building for years and were heading many US communities which are now one of the best communities. 5 years ago community building was the next big thing but now Facebook community building is the next big thing. Community building is just not about adding fans and interacting with them through text messages but providing them all required support through proper Facebook apps. Some of the examples that we have developed: A confidential counseling service where nobody gets to know not even the counselor, budgeting apps and so many more.


Develop Your Facebook Apps now

Now is the time as you can become the leaders in the market and can enjoy the race. If one app is taking care of a requirement, it is difficult for another to beat this one as this is just not about app but about community.


How to start facebook application development?

Please drop us an email or fill the contact us form