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Custom & Best Digital Marketing Services for Kolkata-based Companies

We have a special connection with Kolkata! TechShu started in Kolkata and most of the members are from the city. We understand the region very well and we are well-connected to different active entrepreneural, startup, tech and cultural groups in Kolkata as well; which makes it easy for us to navigate the Kolkata market and become the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata

It is true that Kolkata has been slow to embrace information technology and digital marketing. But the recent figures are impressive. According to the eBay India Census 2011, Kolkata is the eighth largest eCommerce Hub in the country. Buyers in Kolkata are increasingly searching on Google, Yahoo and other search engines to find information on products/services they intend to buy. They are using Social Media heavily; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are not unfamiliar term for Kolkata crowd any more. Kolkatans are talking on these platforms on different things – from shopping to social issues. As a business, you must have active online presence on these platforms or else you can’t track the conversations going around your brand.

Kolkata companies get started with Digital Marketing

Kolkata has a good number of English speaking population; therefore promoting products or services online is not difficult in the region. A lot of people access intenret in vernacular languages in India; if you want you can promote your business in Bengali or other regional lanugages too.

3 Major Digital Marketing Channels Kolkata Companies Can Explore

There are more than 10 digital marketing channels. however, 3 of them are commonly used.

  1. Organic SEO
  2. PPC
  3. Social Media Marketing

Besides, Email Marketing  is also quite powerful and widely used. We, as the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, offer full digital marketing support to Kolkata-based companies.

If you want to generate sales or aim at achieving a better branding online, let us know. Since we are based in Kolkata, we can meet you in person and explain the process in detail.

We can help you with:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Online Marketing scope analysis
  • Identify the right digital marketing channels for your business
  • Promote product, service, event, contest etc. in Kolkata area through search engine and social media.

Contact us to know more about your options.