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We started our work from Kolkata and have a special connection with Kolkata companies. Since we are located in Kolkata, it allows us to work closely with Kolkata-based companies and create better value for them. We have been associated with many of the top Kolkata companies and have helped them improve their organic ranking.

How Do We Approach SEO In TechShu?

SEO needs strategy. We analyze your business and come up with the right SEO strategy for you.

Know Why We’re The Best SEO Service Company In Kolkata

Since we are also based in Kolkata, we can offer something more than just SEO Service . Here is the list of benefits that Kolkata companies can get by hiring us:

  • We can meet them in person to understand their SEO requirements
  • We can give a presentation by meeting them and describe the areas we can help them
  • Kolkata companies can visit our office and meet the SEO team working for them
  • Apart from offering regular SEO service, we can plug-in our own local network and help them get connected with influencers who can help them achieve their organizational goals
  • As we have a huge follower base in Kolkata, we can do a great PR for local clients in Kolkata – this can have a passive but strong effect on SEO as well

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SEO Is More Than Keywords Now

But understanding the different nature of keywords is quintessential to lay a strong foundation for SEO success. Here we’ve broken down the different layers of keywords based on relevancy and competition. Image below shows the 3 broad layers of keywords and how each one supports the other.

3 broad layers of keywords - Techshu


Get the basics of SEO done and invest on the right keyword groups – do a competitor analysis to see how difficult it will be to penetrate the market. Build a strategy for short term and long term. If you want to learn the basics of SEO or you want to help your team learn how to create ROI-driven SEO strategies, then check the courses at DMU

DMU ( ) is an initiative by Indus Net Technologies and Indus Net TechShu  to help institutions, professionals and corporate excel in digital marketing in an informed and structured way. We have digital marketing courses for corporate training,  institutions, and  individuals.

Our Contribution to and MOZ - Techshu


Our Rich DNA Of SEO Comes From Our Participation In The Best &  Some Of The Biggest SEO Forums In the World

We are senior members of & MOZ (which requires no introduction) since 2003 & 2006 respectively. Webmasterworld is considered to be the best Digital Marketing Forum in the world & MOZ for SEO. The continuous participation across international forum helps us get the best SEO knowledge. Over the years we have understood that SEO is not only about search engine, it is about people – your visitors. Make it relevant (information) and easy (navigation & speed) for them to browse through your website (across different screens, device, and browsers) to get necessary information or take action. In fact, this is new age SEO – Google recommends this and we implement it.

Check out the Webmasterworld profile here 

Check the MOZ profile here 

Main SEO activities :

  • Progressive Keyword analysis and selecting right to get the target audience right in the landing page.
  • Keyword analysis for ecommerce website (structural seo for ecommerce portal)
  • Make website SEO friendly (We do a 24 parameter check and implementation)
  • Adding relevant content to win the target keyword group
  • Adding links using competitors common links and innovations
  • Adding right signals like improving bounce rate, pages per view, social engagement etc.

Special SEO Packages for Kolkata Companies

We are the best SEO agency in Kolkata & we do not believe in pre-made packages as we believe that every business is different. Apart from offering very custom package, we also work on pay per performance model for some of the Kolkata businesses.

Pay per performance model allows businesses to use our service for free; we share profit with them for the business that we generate online (SEO for Brands). This is a Win-Win situation for both of us.

Right now this profit-sharing pay per performance SEO program is only available for Kolkata companies, but we might extend this service outside Kolkata in the coming days.