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Google’s New Brand Restrictions for Broad Match: Control Your Ads Better

Converting audiences who are aware of your brand and products is relatively easier than going after audiences who accidentally or unintentionally clicked on your ad or landing page. Brand Restrictions for Broad Match is a new Google ad feature that allows you to only show your ads for searches, including your brand name. The feature […]

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Google’s New Update to Automatically Created Assets: Improve Your Search Ads

The AI age has made life easy for content creators, advertisers and marketers. We all love AI tools and platforms to make our work easy and quick. One more addition to this list is Google’s “Automatically Created Assets”; this feature enables you to generate additional headlines and descriptions for your responsive search ads. Google creates […]

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6 ways to lower your CPC in Google Ads

Cost per Click is the amount an advertiser pays when a user clicks on an ad. Business owners keep looking to maximize their Return on Investment by reducing expenses on CPC. Advertisers can extend their budgets and improve online advertising campaigns by controlling cost per click. In this article, we will look at the six […]

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