Digital Marketing Mix Selection Process

90% of the success/failure lies in right/wrong Digital Mix Selection. This is the key to success, get it right. Work with the agency to select the right, don’t impose channels, discuss, analyze and decide. It is the key to success. Right mix depends on various factors, this needs serious analysis, this needs great deal of experience and understanding of different channels.

What Exactly We Do?

  • We understand your business goals & current challenges
  • We analyze the markets (search & TG on web), competitors
  • Strategy hub (the core of Techshu):We put the digital mix (90% of problem and solution is here, selecting the right mix, right channels)
  • We then put right messaging framework, goals/targets, budget for each channel
  • We put in a team to execute and follow up
  • We review the progress at Strategy hub every week – The most toughest meetings we have.

In short, we support you in your business goals, the real business goals using right digital mix!

What is right Digital Marketing Mix

Often people have questions like “Will social media work for us”“Is SEO the right option”“Why should I do PPC” etc.? We call it profit blocks, each channel can bring you profit but you need to use it effectively. It’s not that complicated, one needs to spend time in understanding the market and the marketing channels.

One of the presentations we did at IIMC explains a lot about Digital MIX for different phases of your business

We have unique way of deciding the digital marketing mix. This is one of the best ways to find the marketing mix (This is our own thought process). Ask us to provide you a quick digital marketing mix document for your business. It will not cost much.

Making Digital Mix – We divide the prospect customers into 3 groups, 

  1. Group #1 (Planned buying products): People are in need now and are looking for it, they generally search, recall or ask.
  2. Group #2 (Unplanned buying products): People who are in need but they aren’t searching for it. Whoever reaches out to them faster can make in impact and may be make a sale.
  3. Group #3: While reaching to Group #2, we hit Group #3. This Group needs different call to actions like community, social media etc, and only sales message will not help.

For different businesses the distribution of customers are different (The key is to understand this which will guide us to digital mix). For a T-Shirt company Group II is almost 80% focus (T-Shirt is  more of an impulse buying, there is no decision time, also people can buy mulity products), For a TV business,  Group #1 should be 70% focus as when people want to buy people will search and decide, there is a decision time, a need. We can take example after example to show the distribution. Also you can create special offerings to target different groups. Example: SEO targeting is generally the best for Group #1, SEO auditing at a low cost can be best targetted to Group #2 (with very tight TG targetting options). In Group #2, the challenge is on how well we can target the right segment.

Again there are 3 aspects to Digital Marketing:

  • Direct selling (sell to people who are in need or motive for an impulse buying)
  • Branding now for future recall and sales (Reach out to people now, introduce your product, impress them and in time of need they will recall and will buy your product)
  • Referral buying (You reach out to the friends of the buyer and influence them to refer their friends in time of need)

Digital Marketing Mix Channel Selection Map

Here you can see how Group 2, Group 3 are connected to Group 1 (Brand recall and referral buying). 

Digital Marketing Mix Selection

For different businesses you need different mix and righ selection of the channels.

Also the right selection of Digital Marketing Mix will depend on:

  1. Phase of your business (In the early stage you need to work on affiliates and referrals, in the later stage of your business without SEO you will find it difficult to grow).
  2. Strength of your company (If a company is doing average work, social media will not be of much help. If a company is doing some really extra ordinary work, social media will work great for you, same works with PPC, the conversion rate depends on the offerings but with SEO you will get a lot of traffic at low cost and even with a low conversion ratio you can make good profit. We have seen companies with average offerings getting over $30,000 worth businesses because of SEO rankings. People consider top ranking websites more credible to work with)
  3. Your growth plan: If the company wants to grow really quick then you must spend more money on inorganic channels which will speed your organic and inogranic growth
  4. Current focus on the company: There may be certain areas where you want to focus, those sections should be considered into account.
  5. Competition: We always believe in competiting in a blue ocean than a red ocean. We must focus on the areas where you are really good at, also known as Hedgehog principle (according to Good to Great Book)
  6. Online market available: When we worked for some of the silicon valley companies, the real challenge was market available. We couldn’t afford to miss even a single search, we used to pay $40 per click and it was still profitable.
  7. & Few more parameters.

It does take time to understand these channels well and use it for your advantage. We have done our work well, ask us for a free digital marketing mix planning for your business.