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Digital Marketing Strategy Hub - Unique Techshu Proposition

The biggest failure of service industry is in the non involvement of its best minds in your project. When you go to McDonalds, you get a burger which is designed and crafted by the top minds, executed and analyzed by the local teams but when you hire a service company the best minds are involved in getting your project not afterwards :( . We too crossed that phase and saw huge success drop. Now we have a secret to our success: Strategy HUB

  • Before sending proposal to a new client, it goes to Strategy HUB where we verify whether we should take this project or not.
  • After getting project, we get all the departments and do a 30 mins introduction
  • Next day, again we have a 30 mins brainstorming session
  • After 1 or 2 days, we sit for few hours to draft the first level strategy, our research team gets us all the needed information.
  • Strategy hub reviews the project every week, we have metrics and dashboard to check the progress. We have weekly committments, we check the quality and discusses the challenges faced during weekly meetings.
  • We do a very detailed strategy check every month, where all the hub members review the project and suggest changes.

Digital marketing strategies

Who all constitues a full house strategy hub?

  • Mentors - including our co-founders who are passionate about building strategies for key accounts
  • POD Leader - Every project is assigned to a POD which reports to a department
  • Department Leader 
  • At times, operating officer joins in as well.
  • R&D team (whoever is present at that time)
  • Skill set team leaders - From SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content to Development team.

When we all sit with a project, the strategy that comes out is "TRUE TECHSHU STRATEGY", beautiful and unbeatable, we certainly take pride in it, this is our biggest motivation factor. If you haven't tried it, try it once, we might do it for free for the first phase.