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SEO Service

We have been teaching our unique Digital Mix approach of digital marketing at different events and institutes Our founders started SEO in 2003, ranked for very highly competitive financial keywords. Our team is highly knowledge, kind of "MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM in India (Boldly)". Our team inherits the same DNA, purposeful SEO is our goal. Our goal is to break even in 3 to 6 months. Search Engine Optimization was THE DIGITAL MARKETING CHANNEL till 2010. The major channel for sales and traffic. Still it is one of the most sort after profit blocks. There is a general misconception that SEO is for long term. At Techshu, we look at:

  • Quick SEO for short term returns (like focusing on local area keyword, brand keywords, pushing already ranking keywords). This can bring you fast returns (may not be huge but significant). There are 20% of work that can bring 80% returns like structural SEO for large websites, Local SEO for Local businesses etc.
  • Building SEO profit block (where you put all the basic SEO infrastructure in place like right URL, right page strcuture, a plan for content, a plan for link etc). You don't need to invest every month, you can just maintain it by yourself.
  • Optimizing the SEO profit block for organic growth and BIG returns (here you need investment, right stratgey and involvement).
  • SEO for Branding.
  • SEO as a GREAT organic growth channel.

SEO is a vast field, we have expertize, let our team do a quick analysis and suggest you the next phase for your SEO. Also please ask all your queries, we will answer it in detail through our knowledge bank or - We will do a quick 30 min consulting (You will see the difference)

SEO is very different, we took different approaches for different companies, Example: - We will do a quick 30 min consulting (You will see the difference)