Is Your On-Page SEO Score High? Top SEO Insights from The Best SEO Company In Kolkata

Is Your On-Page SEO Score High? Top SEO Insights from The Best SEO Company In Kolkata

The two factors which are very crucial when it comes to ranking your website on the search engine results pages (SERPs) are your On-page SEO score and your Domain Authority (Moz) or Domain Rating (ahrefs). 

On-page SEO involves exercises to optimize your web page so that it can be easily accessible for people who are searching for quality information over the internet. Whereas Domain Authority gives you an idea of how well it can rank on the search result pages. 

As an SEO expert in Kolkata, we have encountered a number of website owners who have looked quite confused due to not being able to completely understand the concept of On-page SEO and Domain Authority. In this article, our aim is to simplify both topics and understand their importance.

What is On-Page SEO and Domain Authority?

On-Page SEO involves enhancing website content, making required changes in the structure, and updating HTML codes so that Google can consider your website for ranking on the first page of search results. Below are some of the most important components of On-Page SEO:

  • Place target keywords on your blog content at recommended positions.
  • Your content should be able to satisfy the online searcher and should provide relevant and valuable information.
  • Fix your website structure so that online visitors can find what they are looking for.
  • Use easy and clear language and optimise your website images by adding alt text and captions.

Domain Authority is the result, determined by various components such as the number of quality backlinks a website has, the website age, and the authority of the websites that share backlinks with it. Domain Authority or DA is a term which is used by MOZ a software platform, Similarly Domain Rating or DR is used by ahrefs an online SEO tool set.

Does your Website have a high On-page SEO score but a strong link authority is missing?

In some circumstances such as when you create a new website it will not be easy for you to get quality backlinks straightaway, which can affect your ranking on the first page. Or you might have a well optimised website but does not have backlinks from authoritative sites then also your rankings can get affected. 

The idea is simple: You have to focus on increasing your quality backlink numbers, by following a well planned link building strategy.

Creating Content to attract Backlinks

To get backlinks from quality websites, You will need to focus on producing original and valuable content. Your content should answer major questions related to your niche and should educate and inform audiences in an engaging way. Google recognises such websites which are highly preferred by online visitors to gain information on a specific topic.

You can also promote your content through social media by using the various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to get more visibility and attract backlinks.

We can say that On-page SEO and Website or Domain authority are not the same thing but their joint effort creates a lot of difference in ranking your website on search result pages. All in all, to make your website rank you need a robust SEO strategy supported by engaging & informative content and also a good social media presence.

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