Mother’s Day 2016 Viral Stories

Here we discuss stories that’ve captured the depth & meaning of motherhood. Read on 

1. One Tough Mother

Motherhood is a tough, gritty, no-nonsense job. This year, Teleflora’s Mother’s Day campaign titled One Tough Mother celebrated the courage, perseverance and will-power of real-life moms who aren’t scared of walking that extra mile to make sure their kids are always happy. The ad, set to the famous words of Vince Lombardi’s What It Takes to be Number One speech, shows mothers from different walks of life win over unfavourable situations with all their strength.

2. Carlsberg “Your Mum”

This Mother’s Day Carlsberg gives a fresh twist to boring, otherwise nasty “your mum” jokes. Watch Lloyd Griffith and Tom Davis exchange witty and positive “your mum” quips. With dialogues like “Your mum stinks; stinks of goodness”, “Your mum is massive; she’s got 35,000 followers on Pinterest” – this subtly funny campaign is like a breath of fresh air.

3. Jet Blue Fly Babies 

What would be your expression on seeing a mom boarding the aircraft with a baby? Frowns, raised eyebrows, vexed- well, crying babies on a long flight can be a nightmare! Well, this mother’s day, Jet Blue turned crying babies on board a rewarding experience for the fellow passengers. On a flight from JFK to Long Beach each time a baby started crying, they offered the passengers a 25% discount. Which meant if 4 babies cried all passengers would get a free round-trip ticket for their next JetBlue flight.

4. Why Do Moms Matter?

“She gives me band-aids when I get hurt” to “She plays Frozen for me” – the answers to why do moms matter are funny, emotional and tug at your heartstrings. Chatbooks explored the special relationship between moms and kids from a different perspective. They asked 150 children to describe why their mom matters to them. Check out the video to know the answers they received 

5. Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks aren’t something to be ashamed of. Brenda DeRouen, a 26 year old law graduate from Houston posted a series of pictures donning a cotton Calvin Klein bra and undies and posing the way 20 year old supermodel Kendall Jenner posed for Calvin Klein. Brenda flaunted her pregnancy stretch marks developed while she was pregnant with her son.  She struggled to accept her body after pregnancy; she wrote in her blog “I turned away when dressing in front of others, and wouldn’t chance doing the dirty with the lights on… For years I dealt with not loving myself. I was self-conscious in relationships and I hated how my body looked.” Her story has gained immense support online with millions of women appreciating her for #Mycalvins photo series. You can check more amazing pictures of the shoot at her blog ohbrenda.

6. Tesco Breakfast in Bed

A hearty breakfast prepared by our mothers is a perfect start for the day. This Mother’s Day, Tesco added a little bit of twist to morning breakfasts.  The campaign depicts cute little kids preparing breakfast for their moms. It’s cuteness overloaded! 

7. P&G Thank You Mom

She is your support during the toughest times in your life; she is the person who’s taught you to embrace and overcome hurdles in life; she’s one who inspires you believe in yourself – SHE is your mother. And that’s exactly the theme of P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign for 2016 – it celebrates the strong and powerful women in our lives, whom we call mom! Afterall, it takes someone strong to raise someone strong. 

8. Apple’s Moms shot on iphone campaign

Apple’s ad featured a slideshow of pictures and videos of moms and their kids. A week later Apple launched, where you can create a custom version of the ad that’ll feature you and your mom.

9. Bringing better to Mother’s Day 

Enbridge, a Canadian gas company, surprised a group of grandmas staying in an assisted care facility in Moncton. They were told that were being videoed for a documentary on motherhood. But that wasn’t at all the purpose of the shoot. Watch the video to know the surprise 

10. Hilarious Mother’s Day Advices 

From “Be the kind of person your dating profile promises”, “I didn’t go nine months without chardonnay for you to hate your job” to “Follow your dream not the kind you had in puberty” – these quirky and funny messages will bring back loads of memories and lotsa love! 

11. Groupon’s 3D Version 

This Mother’s Day Groupon offered a life-time opportunity to all those who wanted to really surprise their moms. As per Groupon why a 3d printed model of yours would be a great Mother’s Day gift – “Unlike busy adult children, life-sized 3-D-printed models do not have hectic schedules. That means they’re there when Mom needs them most: all the time.”

12. #Everymomcounts by Every Mother Counts

This poignant campaign on childbirth related deaths shows moms disappearing from family photos. Data released by UNICEF shows that everyday 830 women die due to pregnancy and childbirth related complications. Every Mother Counts has been working towards reducing the number of such deaths since 2010.

13. Pandora’s remember to tell her campaign

Jewelry brand Pandora conducted a unique experiment where they asked 8 daughters to writer messages for their moms. These personalized messages were framed and displayed across the room. Then the focus shifts to participants’ moms. When each mom entered they were asked to identify which one of these messages was written by their daughter. Check the video to know whether the mom got it right or not! 

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