How One Wrong Strategy Turned The Table for a Big Brand

Team India lost the semifinal to Australia. It’s indeed sad, disappointing, disheartening for the countrymen. While many people started bashing certain team members for the loss, some started creating memes that are still trolling. Some of them are harmless jokes while some of them are a little hurtful. But one incident showed that come what may, people in India are proud of their team.  Wondering what’s that? Times Now organized a post-match discussion and started a hashtag #ShamedAtSydney. But to the channel’s utter surprise, millions of anti Times Now tweets with #ShameOnTimeNow flooded the micro blogging site. As a result, #ShamedAtSydney did not trend, but #ShameOnTimeNow did. 

 We’ve gathered a couple of hilarious tweets here.  Liked Andaz Apna Apna? You’ll love it too.

Situation of Arnab Goswami. #ShameOnTimesNow

— Inadvertent Indian (@sushants_in) March 26, 2015

Some hilarious tweets that would surely tickle your fun bone:

Arnab Goswami after trying to trend #SHAMEDINSYDNEY & seeing #ShameOnTimesNow trending instead & the tweets under it.

— Gautam Trivedi (@Gotham3) March 26, 2015

Arnab is jealous of #Dhoni because he thinks how can some one achieve so much without shouting even once. #ShameOnTimesNow #DareToBeDhoni

— Abbas Haider (@abbas_haiderr) March 27, 2015

Congratulations!! My tallest finger wants to give u a standing ovation!! #ShameOnTimesNow @lotsofharsh @pankajtalkies

— Sayeena S (@SayeenaS) March 27, 2015

Arnab Goswami tried to trend #SHAMEDINSYDNEY & #ShameOnTimesNow trended instead. Arnab now knows India is not his panelist he can muffle.

— Gautam Trivedi (@Gotham3) March 27, 2015

Hahaha so true! 😀 RT @dinakaran: Little Arnab “@Abhishekk83#ShameOnTimesNow

— Shantanu (@shantanub) March 27, 2015

A number of people outraged on Twitter demanding the channel’s apology to Team India.

Glad to see @IndiaToday apologies 4 error within an hour. Really appreciates it unlike @TimesNow #ShameOnTimesNow

— Manoj Kumar Sahu (@ManojSahuG) March 27, 2015

Some people even appealed to fellow tweeps to block Times Now and bring down their follower count drastically.


— ThakurSaab. (@HathwalaThakur) March 27, 2015

TimesNow following stands at 2.1 Million right now. Can we get it to drop below 2M atleast? Make ourselves heard! #ShameOnTimesNow

— Thank You MSD (@UnSubtleDesi) March 27, 2015

Hundreds of tweeps blocked them on Twitter:

*blocked* @timesnow #ShameOnTimesNow

— Bhumika Desai Shah (@bhumikashah7) March 27, 2015

This is the ultimate example of hasty social media strategy. As we always keep saying “understand your audience first to serve them better”, is again proved right.