How To Delete Fake Fans On Facebook?

Did you know that having fake fans on Facebook is not cool for a business?  Well, the tale of fake fans has its root in the ancient age of social media, which is a couple of years back. Businesses and brands would love to show off a large Facebook fan base that they used to gather by buying fans, no matter if they were relevant to their business or not. It was all about quantity that used to matter. But with time, the scenario has changed. Business pages have realized that the fan base does not matter, if it does not work for the business.  

Why you must delete all your fake fans:

 Blame it on Facebook’s latest algorithm. According to it, pages and posts with higher engagement would get more visibility on Facebook.  So, even if you have thousands of fans on your Facebook page, if they don’t connect to you they will not engage with your posts. It would automatically affect your overall Facebook engagement. Moreover, since Facebook has reduced its organic reach, there are chances that your posts might not reach the right fans. Food for thought? This is the reason that you must get rid of the fake fans from your business page.  

How to delete fake fans on Facebook:

 There are two ways to delete fake and unwanted fans from your Facebook page.  Method # 1: Click on the ‘Like’ count on the right hand side of your page and click on See All. It would redirect you to a separate window, where you can see a complete list of your fans.  

 You can remove anyone from the list. But this would be a tedious process if your page has more than 500 fans. And it’s next to impossible to remove them by manually checking each profile.  

 And that’s the reason, method # 2 is more feasible. Method # 2: A yearback Forrester’s Nate Elliot wrote  Many marketers and many publishers are reporting that huge percentages of their fans come from emerging markets where they didn’t expect to find an audience. The kicker? They’re saying many of those fans don’t seem to interact with people or with branded content — they seem to do little other than “like” thousands and thousands of brand pages. The conclusion some marketers are coming to: The paid ads Facebook encourages them to buy often lead to “fake” fans generated by “like farms.” Are you getting fans from such locations where you don’t expect to find an audience? Then here’s the solution – use Facebook graph search to figure out fans who don’t live in your target location country. Here’s how to it with Graph Search. Type – People who like “the name of your country” and live in ” the places that aren’t your target location.”  

 Now you have the list of people, who are wrong for your business page. Remove them by following method # 1.  Now it’s your turn to get rid of fake fans. But be double sure before removing someone relevant from the page. Note: this is a time-taking job.