How to Create a Natural Connection with Your Audience

Your audience is there for entertainment. And you are there for business. There is a huge gap between your expectations and that of your audience’s. How to bridge between these two? The only way is, become a dear-to-all brand on social media. And having a few characteristics would additionally help you.  There are businesses that are doing great with their social media marketing on that line. Let’s take a look at how they are doing it and how you should create your social media strategy to connect with your audience better.  

Mentioning admin name is fine

 People want to know who they are talking to. Business page managers often hesitate to mention their names with the post, fearing a loss of professionalism. Wrong! Many brands are now flaunting their names with their social media updates to maintain clarity.  

 On Facebook, there is a provision to feature page admin. Go to “Settings” of your page and click on “Featured”. This is another way to let your fans know about the real person behind all the activities. This invokes trust on your users’ part.  

Talk to your audience every now and then:

 Social media is all about creating new relationships and maintaining them with a healthy gesture. And it’s a two-way road ahead. Like in real life, any problem can be solved if you talk it out. Digital media is not an exception.  

 Chipotle makes it a point to talk to their customers whenever they mention the brand on social media. It does not only humanize the brand, but also projects their genuineness and sincerity to serve them better.  Connect with your audience, even if there is no reason. Talk back whenever there is an opportunity. Initiate conversations to know your audience. Asking questions is one of the best ways to do it.

Handle your audience professionally:

 When you are on social media, your responsibilities are bigger than ever. You need to strategize your content, execute things according to the plan, talk to your customers, answer their queries and track if the results are at per with your expectations.  There are endless tasks to do within a limited span of time. But your responsibility becomes greater, when your brand faces a crisis. The earlier you address the issue, the sooner you solve it.  NDTV Good Times faced an online crisis, when someone posted the tweet. 

 But the wat they dealt with the situation is remarkable, to say the least. Sooner people stopped talking about the goof-up tweet and started discussing their strategy to overcome the situation.

Made a mistake? Admit it:

 Only humans make mistakes and there is no harm in admitting it to your audience. In fact, it makes you a better person. No matter, if your customer has a complaint or a query, be there with the ultimate solution.  

 Hubspot does not only talk to people, who tag them on social media, but they also answer their queries with full sincerity. In this course, if they give any wrong  or incomplete information, they are not hesitant to apologize. It makes them even more likable to their customers.  

Have some human-like emotions:

 Humor, wit, frustration, happiness…all these are human emotions. Even if it’s not directly related to your business, sometimes having a human heart online may take you to places.  Virgin Money UK did it by organizing a fundraising program on social media. They choose Instagram and Twitter as the main platforms to connect and collate all the user generated content.  

 HSBC Bank arranged a superb campaign for their customers, where they allowed them to create a short film on their achievement and who supported them in the course. This campaign collected a huge number of user-generated content on social media.

Jargons? What are they?

 No matter how serious your business is, there is no place for industry jargons on social media. The more you include fun in your content, the more its reach expands. The rule is pretty simple. Moreover, social media gives you an amazing opportunity to connect with your audience. Don’t let it go waste.  

 Look how wonderfully Zomato created their resource requirements on Facebook. It’s creative, clear and concise and without any jargons. And amazingly they are getting huge response from job applicants on the platform.  

Create great images:

 Gone are those days, when any image would earn you accolades. Human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than any text. But in this age of content overload, your visuals need to be beyond average, along with delivering the right message.

Brands need to understand that everyone is doing the same old thing. If you want to overshadow your competitors, you need to create content that cannot be ignored on social media. Look how McDonald’s does it. 

This is pretty much it. Now it’s your turn!