How to Become a Better Storyteller With Social Media [Examples from 11 Indian Brands]

Storytelling is probably the oldest form of making an instant connection with people. However, the only mantra of success is, the story needs to be engaging and must address your audience’s needs or pain-points. Learn how to be a better storyteller from 100+ inspiring digital marketing campaigns 

Over here we discuss some famous Indian brands who are looking at content marketing and storytelling differently. Let’s go through some of their social media posts to figure out how’re they telling their stories the right way! 

11 Indian brands that are doing amazing content marketing

1) Kotak Mahindra Bank:

Look how well they created a compelling story from a customer’s life experience.

2) Vim:

The mantra seems simple: the more you address your customers’ pain-points, the more you sell. But this is tricky and you can easily end up hurting your audience’s sentiments. But Vim India does it very subtly with small and engaging stories.

3) Cadbury 5 Star:

Characterization is an important part of storytelling. And when it comes to mascots, what can be a better example other than Ramesh and Suresh, the famous duo of Cadbury 5 Star? It was Cadbury’s storytelling strategy to re-brand their most popular product with these two unique characters.

4) Maggi:

When Maggi was banned in India, many people posted their “miss you Maggi” messages on social platforms. Now that the noddle brand is back with a bang, they have created a series of stories, saying that they missed their consumers’ too. What a brilliant strategy to come back on the social media!

5) Zomato:

Right from celebrating a special day to describing a food item with a unique angle, Zomato knows the drill to capture their audience’s attention with their food tales. For this reason, each one of their social media posts is no less than a great story.

6) Star Sports:

A great story has multiple layers. A good storyteller will pique the interest of his audience, so they wait for the next slot of social media content eagerly. Star Sports’ Mauka Mauka series is one of the best examples of storytelling. It was so successful that not only the viewers but also different brands created various versions of the videos. 

7) Flipkart:

Shock them to attract them. Even though it’s a bit risky, but creating suspense in your story pays you off well. It engages your audience and makes them wait till the climax. Flipkart successfully did it with their #AcchaKiya campaign to promote a mega-shopping day. They formulated the first series to ask their customers not to buy anything and in the second series, they gave them a better reason to wait.  

8) Amul:

Amul creates stories based on every significant occasion and event in India.

9) Greenply:

When a brand sells their products with stories, it creates an immediate connection with their audience. Greenply is one of the best examples. Their latest is about a series of stories informing the viewers very subtly that for any question related to ply #AskGreenply. The sincere effort to educate the audience’s surely paid off well for the brand.

10) Glamrs:

The success of storytelling largely depends on how well you understand your target audience and how well you solve their problems. is a lifestyle magazine that offers DIY solutions to make you more glamorous. Their social content addresses the issues close to their target audience.

11) Airtel:

 In their latest 4G campaign, they segmented their stories, depending on the needs of their target group. Each story is targeted to a specific audience with a specific mobile connectivity need.

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