40 Must-have Tools for Social Media Managers in 2015

Into social media? These social media tools are must-have in your job.  

Social Media Management Tools:

 Social media management tools are perhaps the most important ones for your social media marketing. These tools help you manage your marketing activities and also offer insights to strategize and make better plans.  # 1: HootSuite: Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool to manage multiple networks under one roof. You can add different streams and multiple tabs to schedule and post a content on different channels at one go. There are free as well as paid version of the tool.  

# 2: Buffer: Buffer is a social media scheduling tool like HootSuite. But unlike the latter, Buffer lets you preset different time slots for different days of a week. It also offers a great in-built analytics tool to understand the overall performance of your social media content.  

# 3: Takeoff: Takeoff is a comparatively new scheduling app for android and iOS users. This cool app lets you schedule your tweets and Instagram images according to the best time as well as manually. Wondering how do they do it? They analyze your followers’ deep data to decide the best time to post for you.  

# 4: AgoraPulse: Looking for a social media software that would manage your social media contests? Try AgoraPulse. It helps you manage Facebook contests and also assesses their performances against your competitors. It’s also a content management and reporting tool for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

Image- cloudswave # 5: Octopost: If you’re looking for a tool that would deliver your content to the right target group then Octopost is one of the best options available. Mostly used by B2B businesses, this tool focuses on determining which channel and content works best for you. A perfect tool to generate social media leads.  

Image: redjester # 6: Sproutsocial: Apart from being a scheduling tool, Sproutsocial ensures a better way to manage your social media conversations and messages. It collects all your messages from different networks. You also can monitor industry specific keywords with this tool. This makes it an awesome social media listening tool.  

Image: digitalry # 7: Post Planner: Post Planner is a magic tool for Facebook and Twitter. This app helps you find the best images, tailored especially for your audience. You can also schedule these posts for the best time. This tool is similar to Buffer in terms of creating pre-determined time slots for bulk scheduling.   

Image: Post Planner 

Social Media Monitoring Tools:

Strategizing is not enough. Social media monitoring is also crucial if you want to be a superman in the social media sphere. These tools will help you see who is talking about you and what is talked about you. Social media monitoring or social media listening tools help you gather important data about your business as well as your audience. With these tools you can say goodbye to all the social media myths which were holding you back.  # 8: Mention: With this social media tool, you can monitor the web in 42 different languages. You can connect with your social media accounts and respond to any comment without leaving the application. Mention is also efficient in generating reports.  

# 9: Twitonomy: Twitonomy gives you a detailed report on your Twitter activities, including your tweet reach and follower analysis. Apart from that, this tool offers an amazing opportunity to spy on your competitors on Twitter.  

Image: twi5 # 10: Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a great tool to know the latests news on the web everyday. You just need to set an alert for a keyword and it will deliver all the relevant and top updates to your mail box. You can set your preferred time to get these alerts too.  

# 11: Followerwonk: A moz tool, Followerwonk is a dedicated Twitter application. It lets you dig deeper into your follower data. You also can find industry thought leaders with this app. It offers actionable visual graphics to compare your growth over the time.  

# 12: Buzzsumo: Buzzsumo shows you the best performing content on any given keyword, based on the number of shares. This is one of the best tools to find out the most shared content on the web as well as their performance on individual networks.   

# 13: Twiriod: Like Followerwonk, Twiriod is also a third party app for Twitter. It helps you monitor when your followers login to Twitter and what would be the best time for you to tweet for optimum exposure.  

# 14: Social Mention: This tool can monitor more than 100 social networking sites. It also analyzes social data to offer reports based on four different categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. This makes Social Mention one of the best free social media monitoring tools.   

Image: Social Mention 

Social Media Analytics Tools:

 Social media analytics tools help you understand the outcome of your social media marketing activities. These tools are also handy in creating reports, which is why they’re also known as social media reporting tools.  # 15: Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the Google tool for web analytics, where you also can measure your social media data. Integrate your social profiles with the tool and it will show you detailed reports. 

# 16: Facebook Insights: Facebook Insights lets you understand your Facebook activities in a detailed way. You can trace out the posts that are working for you, measure reach for each post, get insights about your audience.  

# 17: Twitter Analytics: Like Facebook analytics, Twitter has its own analysis system, called Twitter Analytics. You can find each tweet’s performance with this tool. The Follower tab would give you detailed insights about your network.  

# 18: Sumall: Apart from these individual analytics tools, you also need a platform where you can measure your entire social media marketing. Sumall, as the name suggests, shows you data from different social networks. It also sends the reports  directly to your mail box.  

Image: adweek # 19: Topsy: One advantage of Topsy over Twitter Analytics is, you can find data about tweets that are shared by other person as well. It makes Topsy a well-adored social media monitoring tool. Search, monitor and analyze: these three are the main functions of the tool.  

Image: Topsy # 20: Simply Measured: The tool offers you free analysis report of various social networks, and sends to your inbox. All major social networks’ data, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Vine, are measurable with this tool.  

# 21: Quintly: It’s a social media analytics and benchmarking tool to track and compare your performance against your competitors. You can track multiple social networks with it and also benchmark your performance on any metrics.  

Image: Quintly # 22: Brandwatch: Brandwatch monitors and summarizes social conversations on the given keyword.  # 23: BackTweets: It tracks all your social mentions, even the archive.  # 24: Collective Intellect: The Oracle-based tool captures millions of conversations from various social networks to extract sentiments.  # 25: Curalate: It offers advanced image analytics for image marketings of brands.  # 26: Klout: Klout is a popular tool to trace out influencers.  # 27: Pinterest Web Analytics: It’s Pinterest’s built-in analytics tool, available for businesses pages.  # 28:Social Marketing Cloud: It lets you to track real time conversations from blogs, wikis, forums, and micro-blogging sites.  # 29:Social Response: You can create dynamic Facebook fan pages and communicate with your fans real time with this tool.  # 30:TweetBeep: This app is pretty similar to Google Alerts, but for Twitter. You need to set keywords to get search results.  # 31:TweetDeck: The tool is very close to HootSuite. It enables you schedule and monitor your posts.   # 32: Twitalyzer: This Twitter analytics tool analyzes your followers, RTs, mentions in one click. It’s also great for competitor analysis.  # 33: Trackur: It measures social media trends, monitors brand online reputation, and analyzes social mentions. # 34: SocialScope: This tool is the mobile inbox for all the social networks for your brand.  # 35:GroupTweet: If you have a team to manage Twitter marketing, this tool will help you create Twitter accounts with multiple admins. # 36:HowSociable: This tool helps you measure your brand reach on social media. # 37: Bit.ly: The URL shortening tool is ideal to cope up with the 140-character boundary of Twitter. Moreover, it offers amazing insights about your content reach.  # 38:Snip.ly: A very similar tool to Bit.ly, but in addition it allows you to redirect readers to your own website from curated content.  # 39:Mavsocial: it’s an online image creating software for social networks.  # 40: Time Line Cove Banner: This tool enables you create your own Facebook page cover within a few seconds.   Well the list doesn’t end here. Take a look into some more useful tools