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3 Indian Brands That Cashed in on ICC World Cup 2015

Can you say what’s common between the Super Bowl and ICC World Cup? Yes, both belong to sports. Both are exciting. What’s next? Let us help you. Both these tournaments open a wide gate for branding. It's a win-win for all. Audiences get entertainment and brands get huge recognition. 
Here are 3 Indian brands that are doing great with content marketing during this ICC World Cup.

Star sports 

There is hardly anyone who has not come across the famous “mauka mauka” ads by Star Sports. They are perhaps the most popular ones. Catch the native ad in the series. 
The pilot spot is dedicated to Pakistan’s journey and mauka (chances) to win the title so far. The entire series is done by Star Sports and each of the spots focus on individual matches. They also created some of the videos to create buzz around the not-so-important matches. Here is one.
The innovative hashtag, #MaukaMauka, did all the buzz work alone. Blame it on its catchy-ness. Soon after the first video was aired, hundreds of other videos along the same lines also came into existence. Such is the magic of the #MaukaMauka ads. 


We all know Ramesh and Suresh and their silly humor. But this time the viewers saw them do some serious stuffs. 

They are appointed as the unofficial fans for India for the semifinal between India and Australia. The entire content was created in gif format. This is indeed refreshening for the audiences. 
They selected Twitter as their primary platform. And the way they tweeted was hilarious. Glad to see a brand that understands how to use this micro-blogging site to its utmost potential. 
Get a glimpse of their witty live commentary on Twitter


Kitkat is one of those pro-active brands that are totally engaging their audience on and around the ICC World Cup. The most important tool, they’re using is Twitter, where they post interesting graphics about all the matches. Let’s take a look at one:

Everything was going normal well until they tweeted about India vs South Africa match. 
Even though the tweet looked apparently innocent, but it caught all the SA attention. And the result was a Twitter war between Kitkat India and Kitkat South Africa. 
This was the occasion when Kitkat went viral as a brand on social media and so was the intra-brand fight. 
This is truely epic, right? 
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