10 Mother’s Day Campaigns 2015

# 1: Fortune’s Mom Exchange: 

 Moms can never be exchanged, neither mom-cooked food. This is the reason when we’re miles away from home, we especially miss the home-cooked mom food. This is a strange feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Fortune understands it and initiated Mom Exchange program to bring the magic of home-made food when you’re away from home.

# 2: Maggi’s Moms Know Everything:

 Moms know everything. They love you, pamper you, understand what you’re thinking even before you act. They’re your friend, confidante, guide. They’re always beside you when you need them. Maggi celebrates motherhood on this Mother’s day with a puppet show. If you’re a Shankar Mahadevan fan, this is a must-watch for you. 

# 3: Little Kangaroos Mother by Choice: 

 Kids’ fashion brand Little Kangaroos celebrates this Mother’s Day by saluting moms with physically disabled kids. You must watch this video if you feel your life is full of hardships. These great moms take care of their children, help in their education, manage chores and still find happiness in motherhood. And when asked, if they ever wished to have a so-called abled kid, they firmly said ‘No’. They’re mothers by choice, not by compulsion.  

# 4: Samsung’s Text from Mom:

 Does your mom text you a lot? Do you answer all of them? Do you feel irritated sometimes? Have you ever thought why she texts you so much? She has her own job, has to manage home, has to manage your dad. Maybe it’s because she misses you a lot and wants to share each moment of her life with you, when you’re not around. So, just call her up, instead of texting. And feel her special this Mother’s day. Samsung’s Mother’s Day ad will help you understand this.  


# 5: Coca Cola’s Inseparable: 

 Mother-child bond is inseparable. Coca Cola has brought to you a bilingual spot on this Mother’s day to show no matter how old you grow, you cannot ignore this eternal bond. The video ends with a fine message, “This Mother’s Day give Mom the gift she wants most. Call her.” Coke also invited viewers in the US and Puerto Rico to call their moms for 3-minutes as a part of this campaign.  


# 6: Pampers’ Mother’s Day Letter

 Pampers really made this Mother’s Day special for some moms in Canada, when they got a letter from their partner, written for their unborn baby. These moms got to know about the feelings of their partner around the baby, how well they appreciate the future moms. However, we have a warning for you: Keep your issues handy before you start watching the video 


# 7: Hallmark’s Put Your Heart To Paper

 Have you said “I Love You” to your mom ever? Of course, Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to do it. But Hallmark suggests you a unique way. The spot says to go beyond I Love You and put your feelings to paper for your mother.   


# 8: MTV Mother’s Day – Scotch:

 Moms and dads are poles apart. And this video will again prove this. MTV India, true to its amusing marketing concepts, celebrates this Mother’s Day with a tinge of humor, blended with reality. Watch the video. You will also agree that fathers can never be mothers, no matter how hard they try.  


# 9: Tempur-Pedic — Moms: You’re Important:

 To all moms, who sacrificed their lives and spent so many sleepless nights to bring up and take care of their children, you all deserve a life-changing sleep from Tempur-Pedic.    


# 10: The Body Shop UK’s Treat Your Mom Like a Queen:

 Wondering how a queen would celebrate Mother’s Day? Get a glimpse right from the Buckingham Palace, as Prince Charles tries to prepare a royal treat for his mom. Even though you might feel that the queen deserves better, but we’re sure coming that from her son is the real deal for her.