10 + 1 Digital Campaigns That Went Viral This Month

# 1 Durex connected technology with relationships: 

We’re living in an age, when we prefer spending time with technology and not with the person, sitting next to us. Food for thought?  Interestingly, we already know how it’s affecting relationship with our partner . Still, we can’t help it. How about a technology that would help you enhance your relationship with your partner in the bedroom?  Durex understood it and gave you that magic technology. Watch the video if you’re one of those gadget slaves. 


# 2 Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels 

No words for this one. Watch it to experience it. Truly, “Love has no labels”. 

# 3 When Samsung launched call center for hearing impaired people: 

Can you picture a world without barriers? No! Because there are no barriers for us. Spare a thought for those, who can’t see or  speak or hear? They need to fight everyday not only with the external forces, but also within themselves in an effort to cope with the rest.   Samsung is one of the pioneer tech brands that has taken a step forward to help hearing impaired people by launching a call center. The video is beautifully shot with Muharrem. Samsung took almost a month to plan, execute and launch the video. A must watch, indeed!  

# 4 Converse celebrated Chuck Taylor All Star line with “Made By You”:

Converse decided to celebrate its signature product line, Chuck Taylor All Star with a new twist. The entire campaign is rightly named, “Made By You” to showcase consumers, who made their mark on their shoes. The campaign was launched with over 200 images of customized sneakers, collected from different parts of the world including those of Patti Smith and Andy Warhol. 

# 5 Star Sports created “Mauka Mauka” to celebrate the Cricket World Cup:

 Star Sports always comes up with great TVCs during any tournament, but this ICC World Cup 2015 was special. They not only created great ads for the matches, but also crafted great stories with these ads. The campaign is fondly called “Mauka Mauke” (Chance). They created a number of spots in the series and each one of them received amazing response. The final video, featuring actor Salman Khan is a brilliant move to focus the shift from Cricket World Cup to Pro Kabaddi, the forthcoming sports event. https://www.youtube.com/embed/6SRQQ1jdBJw 

# 6 Trek the mountains of Khumbu, Nepal in Google Maps:

 Have you heard of Khumbu? It’s located at the northeastern point of Nepal on the Nepalese side of Mount Everest. The region is also called “The land of the Sherpas”. It’s a place where you can find peace, see innocent smiles, witness uncomplicated lifestyle, visit beautiful monasteries, and experience an amazing route for trekking.   Google Maps is known for introducing its users to new and rare known places to the world. This new Google Maps ad is focused on establishing Khumbu as a new trekking heaven. At the end of the spot, you will find a link to Khumbu on Google Maps. Watch this video to witness the beauty of Nepal. 

# 7 Who’s hotter in D+J Briefs? David Beckham or James Corden? You decide:

When soccer player and style icon David Beckham is associated with a name, it’s already a brand. But when he teams up with James Corden, the curiosity meter rises. Wondering what these two would be doing together? Well, here comes their new brief line, D+J. The spot was launched on James Corden’s The Late Late Show on Sunday night. The ad shows the two wearing only D+J briefs and posing hilarious gestures.  The tagline is: “Beauty is skin deep; it’s what’s underneath that counts.” You will surely have a tough time to decide who looks hotter. Definitely a tough one for you. 

# 8 Apple Watch – The Watch Reimagined 

 This is the launchpad campaign for Apple watch. Want to know how cool is this new gadget? Watch it for itself. The beautifully crafted spot will take you to a detailed tour to the smart watch. 


# 9 When Taco Bell involved in a cold war against McDonald’s 

 It’s one year since Taco Bell launched their own breakfast menu and started the cold war against MacD with a bunch of Ronald McDonalds. This year, they have taken it to the next level.  The backdrop of the spot is “Routine Republic” with a notion of “Different is bad”. But here come two rebels, who decide to break the chain and explore something new. It’s how they landed on the Taco Bell land. The spot is a great example of story telling, which is the signature marketing strategy of the brand.  


# 10 Girls also do science by Microsoft’s DigiGirlz

 Is science a boys’ thing? You must be thinking how cliched is that! Right? Here’s a data to open your eyes. “7 out of 10 girls are interested in science but only 2 out of 10 will pursue it as a career.” Why? Because people think science is not a girl’s cup of tea.  Microsoft initiated “DigiGirlz #Empowering us all” campaign, a part of their YouthSpark program, to change our thinking process. They want to support the talented young women to take up science and technology as their career. 


# 11 Dunkin launched Ice Cream Flavored Coffees and Lattes 

 Dunkin Donuts launched the new ice cream flavored coffees and lattes with a short and crisp video.