Social Media for Restaurants

Social media is neither about cracking sales nor posting random pictures and text. Social media is a science and one needs to understand it very well before implementing it Social media is the most used marketing channel by restaurants so far, according to a study conducted by Ipsos MediaCT on behalf of Groupon and the National Restaurant Association. However, if not correctly used it will not yield results expected and worse it can backfire. For restaurants, social media is a pool of opportunities. However, without analysis and strategy social media marketing is like diving blindly into the deep end of the pool. We can help you with analysis, strategy, content, design, apps + more. Contact us and let’s discuss your business goals from social media efforts.  

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in a Digitally Connected World 

If you’re a restaurant owner and are still stuck with the question should I do social media marketing then you’re a tad bit late! Doing or not doing social media marketing it’s not an option anymore. It’s a necessity. 29% of social media consumers use a social media platform while eating and drinking at home, according to a study called Clicks and Cravings in 2012. While eating at restaurants the figure is 19%. Users aged between 18 and 34 socialize on Facebook & Twitter during mealtime at the highest rate of 47%. Twitter’s Eimear Lambe shared an interesting insight in a recent event – 

  Which means that if restaurant managers/owners check their Twitter feed regularly they can solve the issue immediately and even turn the conversation into a positive one.  

Social Conversations Around Your Restaurant Are Important – Monitor & Respond

Whether you’re the owner of a small and cosy restaurant or the business manager of a big eating joint such as McDonald’s – one thing you can’t escape in today’s super-connected world is social media. Even if you’re not active on popular social media platforms, your customers are. They’re posting on Facebook about the delicious Tofu spring rolls; photos of the famous dishes of your restaurant are being pinned; customers are sharing their experiences. Good or bad – it’s important that you know what are people talking on social media and leverage those conversations into game-changing moments for your company.  Subway which ranks No. 1 on Vivaldi’s Social Currency Study has constant high engagement rates – thanks to the timely and right way of responding to users’ comments on social platforms.  

 Even negative feedback can be turned into a positive one – if responded timely and properly. 32% of customers who have ever contacted a company through a social media channel want a response within 30 minutes; 42% expect a response within an hour – according to a research by Social Habit

How a Burger Chain Turned Negative Feedback into a Positive Engagement? 

b.good, the farm to table burger and fry joints, regularly interacts with its fan base via Facebook and Twitter to get feedback on the recipes the burger chain is planning to launch. When b.good posted a smoothie recipe where agave syrup was used as a natural sweetener the Facebook fans responded negatively as most of them were concerned about the way some of the agaves were produced. The company took notice of it and swapped agave for another ingredient. The fans received the change happily and the entire interaction into a positive one.  

What’s the Best Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all social media marketing strategy. For instance, ‘Tweet-a-Coffee’ Campaign by Starbucks was a huge success prompting $180,000 in purchases*.  ( *Data – Dec 2013) Wendy’s ran a super-successful #PretzelLoveSongs campaign a couple of months back with Boyz II Men and Jon Secada singing love songs dedicated to Wendy’s Pretzel Cheeseburger and Chicken Sandwich. The lyrics are a combination of tweets and Facebook posts by users using the hashtag #pretzellovesongs.  

 The campaign struck a chord with the users and was as successful as last year’s debut where Nick Lachey sang love song about Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. According to Sprinklr, the provider of the NRN Social 200 index, this year’s campaign too garnered massive response from users. What’s common between these 2 social media campaigns is their ability to create that emotional connection that drive purchasing decisions. And that’s possible only when you’ve the right strategies at the heart of your social media efforts.  

Right Social Media Strategies for Restaurants

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