The toothbrush shock – Are you next?

The toothbrush shock – Are you next?

We brush our teeth for sure

We all brush our teeth and of course we use our own toothbrush. Just imagine one day one of your family members throws his/her toothbrush and 3 other family members including you shout “Where is my toothbrush?”

How will you feel the toothbrush shock

How will you feel if you have been sharing the same toothbrush with 3 others for last few months? YUK! Shocked!, Just think about 3 of you were using the same toothbrush, is it happening to you? Are you sure?

That’s the exactly feeling you get in the office every day. “How did that happen, I never expected it”, “What! How can this happen in my company”.

If you look closer at the toothbrush problem

  • It was there for last few months; just that you came to know about it late.
  • Most of the people were using brush inside the bathroom and others didn’t come to know about it. (No Visible Data)
  • Less communication among the members and so on.

Don’t get toothbrush shocks every day.

Here are the list of things you must do to avoid toothbrush shocks (Easy said that done but it has to start somewhere):

  • Define the activities that your company does (Example for us, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Project management etc). We have around 36 departments at Techshu.
  • Define the complete process for each activity/department.
  • Now look at each step and see what data you want to collect and how you want to collect it (Automate as much as possible)
  • Put alerts when there is a steep fall or raise for some of the data points.
  • Have Overall Scores at different levels and give responsibility to different team members (Responsible people at each level)
  • Once in a while integrate your process and see how it looks like.
  • Put some of the important data points in visible location (Dashboards)
  • Have accountability for these numbers.

 It seems easy but it is difficult to implement and in real terms these are the activities which will take a good company to great company (Good is the biggest enemy of Great). Happy brushing; just check who else is using your brush today to avoid toothbrush shocks.