Digital Marketing Education and Career Scope in India

Digital Marketing Education and Career Scope in India

Era of digital marketing – Scope & Career in India:
We been around for last 10 years. We have headed many digital marketing companies before starting Techshu. Digital marketing is passion for us. Digital Marketing is not new, its been around. In the initial phase “SEO was Digital Marketing“. Now Digital Marketing Mix has many more channels.  Right Mix can help you gain the best from Digital Marketing.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in India
If you asking from the career aspect or from the sales aspect, the answer is YES (We are biased, please check naukri’s data or econsultancy data, it will say the same). Check the ad shows, it is shifting more towards Digital Marketing Ideas. It is not a replaced for TV or Radio, neither it is replaced for print medium. It is a different medium available for marketers. 
The major shift in Digital Marketing Scope:

  1. From anonymity to identity: Now people are on web with full identity, this is enabling businesses to interact with more data, better targeting. Also now people can take anything and make it viral as they are connected with many more people. At Techshu, we have people with over 2000 friends, every posts by them attract a significant around of attention. It helps in getting an initial boost.
  2. From Information to entertainment: We recently asked the Facebook crowd at Techshu Careers about “The role of Facebook in their life”. The answer was Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. People have more time for Web, which is a good signal for informative and innovative marketing.

The way we look at Digital Marketing is:

  1. Quick Sales from Digital Marketing, it is possible (At Techshu we are doing it for many clients)
  2. Branding for Sales (Need deep pocket, right positioning and messaging). Branding has a new definition, it is no more about going big bang, it can also be about selected branding options. Like Techshu is very well know in Kolkata. We have not spent a lot of money on branding but we have put in right practices for branding. This helps in sales.
  3. Organic Growth for Sales: Where it goes as an investment first and then the returns are regular.

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Shifting from PUSH to PULL is great for all companies and customers:
It is annoying to get calls or emails from unwanted people (and at wrong time). 

  • Pull digital marketing technologies involve web search where the user has to select the content. Blogs, websites and streaming media foster such searches – the users have a specific link (URL) to view the content.
  • Push: Here the marketer has to send (push) the messages to the users (subscribers). Email, SMS, RSS are examples of push digital marketing.

Birth of Digital Marketing Course: Since the inception of primitive web search effort in 1993, the opportunistic entrepreneurs jumped into it to explore the new money. As web meant to transfer data etc, the technologists and the enthusiasts tried figured out as how information and resources could be transferred to the mass. Eventually, the concept of website came (read only, web 1.0) and lead to dot com boom.
But having a website is not sufficient to reach to the mass with products and service offerings. Instead something extra needs to be done to reach them following few ‘search engine algorithm’. Research and Evolution starts and few of the terms generated like Ranking, SEO, Links etc. The journey starts.
As web evolved, challenges came from every corner of lives. Demand and thus opportunity lead the world to a whole new concept of Internet marketing. Educationist realized the demand and took initiative to build human resources.
General course contents of Modern Digital Marketing

  1. This entry-level course gives an overview of Digital Marketing, including planning a website, website promotion, email and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, e-commerce and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing. It provides a practical framework to develop customized digital marketing programs and is designed for marketers, managers, and individuals who want to take advantage of new marketing techniques.
  2. The advance modules include Social media marketing, Paid Search etc. The interactive digital media industry relies heavily on customer engagement. This customer engagement is driven by a multiple tactics viz., advanced SEO, PPC, Online Display, Social Media, e-Mail & Mobile Marketing. Each one of the tactics needs to be planned and executed in an integrated approach.

Indian scenario: Digital marketing is still at its initial phase in India. Most of the companies are still thinking to adopt the medium while many top brands have already rolled their digital marketing campaign. Seeing the large number of youth population in India (More than 40% of total population of India, around 460 millions youth is there, in which 333 millions are literate) and the rising technology savvy young generation, corporate will be more than happy to engage the target audience and spread their products & services among them via digital media. Thus there will be a Big Change in coming future.

  • While in many countries Digital Media course has emerged as one of the mainstream degree but here in India it is still under the control of digital media agencies who took the initiative to teach people on Digital Marketing with live projects.
  • Many of the premier business schools are in a positing (of course seeing the demand) to run the digital marketing program. But most of them are running short of the quality faculties.
  • Few MBA schools like run short program on digital marketing. But the true feedback and testimonials are yet to get.

Career growth in Digital Marketing: Most of the digital marketing courses and education programs are designed to produce graduates with advanced expertise in digital marketing. After successful completion of any university digital marketing program, student will find employment in middle to top management positions in large corporate or small charities, in modern e-businesses or public sector organizations. Digital marketing is the way of the business world for the future and the opportunities are vast. According to Mafoi, nearly 10,000 social media jobs will be created in India by 2012 and all the big brands like Sony, Canon are there to hire them.
List of universities conducting Digital Marketing Program:

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