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SEO Glossary - G

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  1. Gateway page (doorway page) : A gateway page is synonymous to a doorway page. See the “Doorway Page' uneder SEO Glossary D section

  2. Gizmo (gadget, widget) – A small applications used online on web pages to provide specific functions or render some utility to the visitors. Examples may be a hit counter/ IP address display/online calculator to figure out finance data. Link builders use innovative types of Gizmo as a part of their link bait strategy/

  1. Google bomb - The effect of multiple webmasters influencing in Google search results. This may be done by excessive link building where backlink contribution displays a particular webpage for a keyword query even though it is irrelevant. The “miserable failure” - George Bush, and “greatest living American” - Steven Colbert Google bombs are famous examples.

  1. Google bowling  - Malicious effort to lower a sites rank by giving it link from the “bad neighborhood” sites. Read more about Link Policy of Google at

  1. Google dance -  The change/fluctuation in SERPs caused by an update of the Google database or algorithm. The cause of great apprehension to webmasters whose websites slip down the index. We can get to identify a Google dance when Google displays different search results at different data centres.

  1. Google juice (trust, authority, pagerank) trust / authority from Google) - Whenever a website links to you, you get link juice to your websites which will give your website additional points while the search engines determine your rankings with respect to keywords .

  1. Googlebot -  Google’s spider/software program


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