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Search Engine Marketing for Florists

Before we start with the topic, we would like to request you to Google with “SEO companies in Kolkata” or “PPC companies in Kolkata”. You will find us at number 1 position. We must know drill to get there. Right? 
Your business too needs to some love from search engines. Allow us to show you the right path. Contact us and our experts will contact you with the best possible solution. 
Search engine marketing (SEM) is an umbrella term for search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC (Pay Per Click). The process involves online website promotion by improving its web visibility in search engine results through organic optimization and paid advertising.
So, search engine marketing encompasses two processes: SEO and PPC. Now you must be thinking, if you need both of them or just the right one. Well, to be precise, both these processes, along with the right digital marketing mix, can make it a win-win situation for you.
In today’s scenario, your target customers are searching for similar business online, before making a final call. 
85% of customers search online to find local businesses. The root for any online business starts with a search engine query. This is true for your customers too. It’s a tough competitive market, where everyone is trying to secure their positions on the first page. Some do it organically while some do it with paid ads.
Let’s see an example by typing “Florists in Boston” on Google first.
We have both ads and organic results in the first page. The initial results are ads, followed by florist websites and local listing sites. All these are included in search engine marketing. 
Let’s discuss them one after another and why they both are important, if you are a florist.

Search engine optimization for florists:

SEO for florists revolves around local searches, thereby search engine marketing would be the best option for local florists. It’s also the most cost-effective way to increase your web visibility. And most importantly, your customers are searching for you on search engines. Don’t believe us? 
Let’s take up an example, “florists in London” and see how many people search with this keyword every month.
As you can see, millions of people (read customers) are searching for local florists on Google. If you are not there, you are missing out a lot of business opportunities. 
Local listing is an important part of florist SEO for the simple reason that your business is local. They appear on the first page of Google searches. If your business can make it to those positions, there are higher possibilities for you to get picked. 
Along with business names, Google also shows reviews and corresponding addresses of businesses. So, your chances to rank here is good enough, provided you have done everything right with local listing and submission.  
Social media marketing also plays a significant role on search engine optimization, even if Google confirmed that they don’t consider social signals to determine their algorithm. But it does not take much to understand that social footprints enhance your online visibility and authority. Even Search Engine Land confirmed the notion.
So why not SEO? It’s cost-effective and an effective way to build your web presence. 

Pay Per Click for florists:

PPC is entirely different than SEO, when it comes to functionality and outcome. If SEO takes time to show results, PPC delivers instant solution. If the former promises long-lasting results, the latter shows immediate but temporary effect. It depends on the SEO company and on you to decide what would be suitable for you at a given time. 
Keyword analysis is the base of success for any PPC campaign. If you do it right, you are half way through. You need to do a detailed research on search terms for specific geo-location, according to your target demographics. For each factor, the result could change, completely. So, this is important. We can help you to succeed in your mission.  
And there are several other factors involved.
And there are different types of ads. You can have multiple variations in your PPC campaigns. For example, you can have text ad, rich media ads, and even direct-call ads in your PPC campaign. The idea is to test whether the ad variation is working for you or not. 
PPC campaigns are ideal for florists, as your target group searches on search engines and generally chooses to settle for one that appears on top search results. While SEO is a time-consuming process and it might take as long as six months to show you the desired result, PPC can be an alternative way to reach to the top. 
You can see different ad variations here. And there are more! It depends on your product and target audience to decide which ad variation will get higher click through rates. 
We have done it several time for our clients. You could be the next. 
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