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What's The Need?

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Social media marketing isn’t rocket science. But it can be a tricky science if you don’t get the formula right. On social web, 2+2 isn’t always 4; it can be 5, 12 or any number you can think of. So, how do you get that right and winning formula for your customers? Answer - Get the right data the very first time. The next question- whose doors would you knock on to get the data? Answer – the client. It’s no secret that your customers are the greatest source of useful and accurate information; but the problem lies in extracting that valuable data from them.

How do you successfully get data from your clients?

Make them believe you’re their doctor. What happens when you visit a doctor for a bad headache? He begins with a round of questions. Where’s the pain? How long have you had it? What are the other problems? Are you taking any medicines? What’s your stress level? How long are you sleeping? How’s your appetite? Some even ask - Are you living with a smoker? No, the doctor’s not being nosy. He just wants to get important clues to your health.

Similarly, when a client comes to you with a social media marketing project embark on a fact-finding mission. Ask questions to know the business, goals, USPs, target market, pain points - the more information you’ve the better the chances of achieving the desired results. Here the importance of social media marketing questionnaire comes in. Why do you need to send social media questionnaires to prospective customers and more importantly why it's important that they fill in the questionnaires properly - here're some of the reasons. 

  • Not every company uses social media the same way –

You get a clear understanding on the returns the business is expecting from the social media efforts. For instance, a PSU company might want to run social media campaigns with the intention of reaching out to younger generation who find the sector unattractive in terms of remuneration and are thus hesitant to take up jobs. In this case, the company might not look for sales but for rebranding through social media campaigns that younger generation can relate to. You might also get requests from companies that only want increased number of Likes and Followers from their social media efforts.

  • Not all companies need to give 100% effort on all the popular social media networks –

For a small restaurant with limited marketing budget a company blog, profile on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp/Foursquare can work well. For instance, a glimpse into the Facebook page of The Dining Car, tells you how this breakfast and brunch restaurant in Philadelphia is leveraging the power of the social network.

For B2C clients, Facebook works the best (almost 100% of marketers use it in B2C marketing, according to Social Media Examiner's 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report). LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B consumers to distribute their content

The questionnaire in addition to helping you segment, target and position the marketing message will help you select the right social media platform (the ones you should put your 98% efforts on). The rest 2% can be on exploring different platforms.

  • It saves time -

Getting a clear cut insight into the client’s business, goals, expectations (and whether they can be met or not) saves time and energy. Based on the social media marketing questionnaire, you can map out the things that can bring in the desired results. Also, it helps you take a very important decision– should you take this project? Let’s face it – you don’t have to take up each and every project that knocks at your door. A filled in questionnaire gives you a detailed record of the client’s business, goals, and ROI. Based on the answers, you can judge whether the expectations can be met in terms of budget, tasks to be completed, hours to be put, and KPIs.

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