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SEO Questionnaire

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SEO is one of the most misunderstood digital marketing channels. There was a time when SEO meant digital marketing. Search engines have come a long way – from being dumb (when it was easy to exploit them and get the ranking) to Google becoming almost human w.r.t. how it responds to queries. With every new update Google has evolved how it perceives websites. Over here we've jotted down a list of questions that your SEO questionnaire should include - 


As initial suggestion, ask your client to provide you with a list of keywords. It gives you seed keywords to explore more keywords. Also, this is going to help you at multiple levels – from understanding the customer’s business to giving you an idea of what he wants from the SEO efforts. 


Know your client’s competitors. Ask the prospective client – Who are their competitors (direct as well as indirect)? Which keywords are they ranking for? What are they up to – are they launching new products/services; or entering new market/industry; who are they targeting; what’s their link, content and keyword strategy; what’s working for them and what’s not; what’re their USPs; what’s their weakness? In short, get the low-down on your client’s competitors- and the most trusted source to give you that information is the client himself.

Content (text)

The old rule still applies - content is king. You need to ask the prospects whether they have an in-house writing team or are they going to outsource the writing part to you. If the work is done by the in-house team then know the specifics about your responsibility from the client – will you be only responsible for SEO or you will be checking the structure, coherency, readability and other important aspects as well? If the prospect wants you to work on the content then ask for information (list of keywords, target customer, business USPs, language the target prefers etc). More information you have better are your chances of producing great content. 
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