TechShu launches Digital Soch – Academy for new age marketing thoughts

TechShu, an end-to-end digital agency, has launched DigitalSoch, its educational arm on June 3, 2011. The idea behind the initiative is reflected in the name which combines digital and soch.  “It’s a training academy where we want to make an impact on the thought process of the people who want to go digital.” says Aji Isaac Mathew, founder of Techshu, also the chief Mentor of the academy. The internet is cramped with information – from ebooks, online forums to expert blogs on digital marketing, almost everything is there to assist you learn what you need to learn. However, the biggest hurdle one faces is “How to boot?”
Here the academy’s boot camp comes into the play. The boot camp renders practical training and exposure to web enthusiasts. And the best part about the training is it begins from 0. “No! Start from 0! is the most frequently shouted sentence at Techshu, we believe in structural learning and teaching”, says Bhanusmita Banik, course coordinator at Digital Soch.
The academy supports a format of learning that is focused on goals and requirements, which is why there are some requisites that the candidates must meet before we rope them in. The bootcamps will be in sync with how well the candidates understand the digital landscape, what are his/her requirements from the courses and other such deciding factors. However, the most important requisite that the candidates must meet is how passionate they are about knowing and learning the digital environment.
“At Digital Soch we follow a simple and fundamental rule, which is, when you have goals that you are passionate about then you are hell bent on achieving them because it’s hard to imagine letting them go unaccomplished”, says Abhirupa Purkayastha, another course coordinator. Aji also reiterates it by adding “Don’t be passionate about platforms and methods you use, be passionate about the goals you want to achieve and let the goal and SWOT analysis decide the platform and strategies”.