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SEO Friendly Features

Our Marketing ready CMS is also a SEO-ready CMS, which can help you to immediately gain a competitive advantage in your organic search rankings and meet yours—or your clients’—online goals. Instead of starting from SEO-zeo level and climbing the ladders of search engine ranking one by one by spending thousands of dollars in SEO, our SEO-friendly CMS  helps you to start from SEO-ready level which takes you into the fast track elevator of search engine ranking.
We boldly proclaim that we have most talented inhouse  SEO team which works tirelessly round the clock to make our CMS best CMS available in maket. By using our search-friendly CMS, you get valuable SEO best practices integrated into everything on your website. 
Some of the SEO-ready benefits include:
  1. Editable URL and URL Structure [customized]
  2. Pattern Based URL Auto-Generation [logical organization of pages]
  3. Canonical Tag
  4. Ability to add 301 redirects
  5. Automatic 301 redirect creation when a URL is changed.
  6. Editable Page HTML Title and Page Title [DIY SEO possible]
  7. Ability to edit Meta Keywords , Meta Description
  8. Automatic generation of Canonical tag with the ability to manually edit it.
  9. Ability to add No follow, No Index Tag Option for each page.
  10. Proper Document structure for search engine friendliness.  No Heading Tags like H1, H2 used in Template.
  11. XML sitemap creation and Auto Submission
  12. HTML Site Map
  13. No JavaScript links.
  14. Ability to add site ownership authentication/verification code. Helpful in setting up Google Webmaster Tools, Google Apps, Bing Webmaster Central
  15. Ability to add Google Analytics and Setup Goal conversions.