World Television Day: How Indian Online Brands are Leveraging TV?

It’s World Television Day. The day is observed around the world not only to celebrate the ‘idiot box” but also to promote the idea of global communication media. While everyone is concentrating on the evolution of television, we thought of talking about the day in a different way.  So, we focused on online brands that are doing great with TV promotion in the digital age.  Admit or not, we are living in a multichannel habitat, where every media is playing a significant role. A few decades back, the advertising space was solely dominated by TV and radio. With the penetration of World Wide Web and smartphones, the room has been converted into a shared place.  Even a few years ago Indian online companies were a bit reluctant to use TV advertisements. The probable reason being lack of innovation and absence of the recent sky-touching growth of e-commerce. But now if you watch a national channel for an hour you’ll see at least 10 advertisements from different online companies. The reason for this TV-ad magnification is simple. Television consumers still make the largest population.  

 According to Nielsen’s recent report, “TV is still the top screen. Consumption of live TV is down but overall TV watching is up due to ‘time-shifted TV’.” Benny Blum confirmed that TV ads have a greater impact on online traffic. He compared different time slots over a period of 10 weeks and showed how online traffic picked up during a TV Flight.  

 The graph shows the relative increase in traffic broken out by channel during a TV flight. “During the 10 week reporting timeframe, visitors increased by 15-25% across organic search, paid advertising, and email relative to the rolling average (100%).” Indian brands have also thought this way; the profitable way. Websites like Flipkart, RedBus, SnapDeal, FreeCharge, Lenskart, Quikr, Jabong, are investing a good deal on TV ads and getting huge brand awareness and profit in return.  Let’s take a look at how they are doing on the TV space.  

1) Flipkart: Flipkart, except for the recent #BigBillionDay disaster, always manages to shine out their competitors. And when it comes to TV ads, they are the e-commerce brand that has launched maximum number of TV commercials in  smallest intervals. The USP of their ads is, they always hit the hot topics of day-to-day life. Remember their India Wants to know ads?   

2) RedBus: RedBus is an online bus ticking system. They create frequent ads and they are quite varied in topics.  

3) FreeCharge: FreeCharge is an innovative service to recharge your mobile and get free coupons in return. It’s comparatively a new brand but their TV ads have successfully created a buzz for the brand.   

4) AskMe: Ask Me is a search engine for local businesses, which helps you find the nearby restaurants, salons or any other business that have a storefront. Their TV ad commercials are getting high attention because they feature India’s latest heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.    

5) Lenskart: Lenskart is the first online optical store in India. As the name suggests, they deal with eye gears and specs online. Their ads are equally innovative as their products and services.   

6) Quikr: Quikr is an online portal, where you can buy and sell almost anything. They also deal with real-estate, jobs and matrimony. Their ads are really funny and they often make parody of the current events. Like this one below. It hit the TV screen followed by the success of Kahaani.   

7) is an online matrimony and match-making site. Remember their “Love, Arranged by ads, featuring Chetan Bhagat? Their TVCs brilliantly attract the the eyeballs of both the young audience as well as their parents. They always send across an emotional message with their ads.   

8) Saavn: As the tagline says, “Here’s to the music”, Saavn is an online directory of music for people on the go. Users can create their playlists by using a never-ending collection of old classics to new favorites. You can spot actor Ranbir Kapoor featuring in their TVCs.  

9) Apart from Salman Khan’s starry presence in their video, always comes up with innovative ideas to promote their products and services. Let’s see the new TVCs for their latest “Ehsaan Mat Lo, Discount Lo” campaign.   

10) Jabong: Jabong is an online destination for lifestyle product shopping. They create funny campaigns to promote their product lines, keeping the pain points of their customers in mind. Here is a TVC for “Fashion Nikla, Mann Fisla” campaign.    

11) Zivame: Zivame is an online lingerie brand and probably the first of its kind with an amazing array of branded products. They got the instant fame with their first TVC.   

12) Myntra: Like Jabong, Myntra is also a lifestyle online shop. While most of their TVCs talk about the latest happening in the glamour world, they also have a couple of ads that tickle your funny bone.   

13) Homeshop 18: While online brands are trying their luck with celebrities, Home Shop 18 introduced two animated characters, Billy and Sunny. They are also popular as Home Shop 18 lucky mascots. Let us introduce them to you.  

The list doesn’t end here. More and more online businesses in India are adding  TV to their marketing efforts as they know it’s going to hit the largest demographics of the country at one shot. And it’s worth the investment, isn’t it?  


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