What’s new in the Landing page report – GA4

What’s new in the Landing page report – GA4

Nothing stays the same forever, Change is always happening. The same goes for Google Analytics it is getting a new avatar. Universal Analytics will be changed to GA4 from July 2023. 

But as a website owner or as an advertiser you would be interested to know what new GA4 features can offer. How it is going to be different from UA? Let us try to find out how GA4 services are going to affect your businesses.


What are the new GA4 features?

  • More control with GA4: With GA4 you gain more control over how you evaluate user engagement. The earlier version of Google Analytics allowed advertisers to scale engagement through sessions, whereas GA4 services allow them to measure engagement on the basis of events. Additionally, in GA4 bounce rate has been replaced with the Engagement rate, and also a session that lasts at least 10 seconds, has 2 page views and has at least one conversion is declared as engaged.

  • Detailed information about online visitors: GA4 uses machine learning to provide insights that help you improve your website or app. It focuses on providing deep and relevant information which can help you to make better decisions for your website or business.

    Machine learning allows GA4 to detect important trends in your data, such as It may inform you in advance about the increase in demand for a product or service due to a change in customer behavior and need. This can make you ready with your offerings with a suitable marketing strategy. GA4 can also help you to predict the future actions of your customers by calculating the “churn probability” for a particular customer.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the customer journey: A complete understanding of the customer journey makes you aware of the issues that a customer usually experiences and on the basis of your learning you can make the required changes to enhance the product purchasing experience. 

    Universal Analytics is used to track data separately for mobile and desktop visitors which meant that if an online visitor visited your website on their phone and then later visited your app on their tablet the activity shall be tracked as two separate actions.

    On the other hand, GA4 is built on a Customer-focused measurement framework which means that all user activity shall be tracked as a single user regardless of device or platform. This provides a much more compact idea of how users interact with your brand and products.

    GA4 also utilizes Google signal data to find out how users interact with your products and services. Google Signal is a privacy-oriented data collection model that tracks user behavior across various devices and platforms. The best thing about Google Signal is that it can still track users even if they have cleared cookies or changed devices.

  • Better Reporting: One of the most important improvements of GA4 over UA is interactive and engaging reporting visualizations. With this new update, you can create custom charts and graphs to present your data in a way that is more relevant to your business needs. 

    Another new update in Google Analytics is real-time analytics, which means you can detect changes in your traffic and user engagement as they occur. GA4 also offers a number of analysis techniques that can help you to identify customer segments, measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and track user behaviour.

  • Quick and easy event tracking: GA4 makes Goal tracking comparatively easier, the events in GA4 can be bifurcated into four groups i.e., Events that are tracked automatically, enhanced data collection events, Default events, and Up to 500 user-defined events.


Shift to GA4 Now!

As per Google’s announcement, Universal Analytics will stop working from July 1st, 2023, and will be replaced by the Advanced measurement solution GA4. Therefore it is recommended that you should make the transition as quickly as possible or else you will start losing your precious business data. 


It will be better if you can start learning GA4 features before UA stops working as you will be able to recognize the differences in the data produced by both platforms and it will be a great learning curve for you.